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Today I'm having a real *yawn* day, so I figured that I'd use some of my time to show you what was in my makeup bag instead of lounging around all day (Although that does sound pretty damn good). I figured this would be a lot more interesting than a 'What's in my bag post' since my bag is full of text books and pencils - it's not a sight for the faint hearted!  

My Makeup bag cost a whopping £3 from Primark last year (I'm assuming they no longer sell the exact pattern, but I've seen some similar ones around) and is a godsend. It's like a Mary Poppins bag - the thin material means you can easily cram extra products inside, yet also means that it can easily be squashed so it doesn't take up extra space in your bag or suitcase. 

Revlon PhotoReady Primer: I find that primers are a pretty boring thing to talk about, in all honesty. Saying that, I absolutely swear by this one - it smooths out my skin really nicely (I much prefer it to moisturiser) and it also makes my foundation stay on for hours longer than it does without. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer: Like possibly every blogger, I absolutely love this concealer. It has a smooth, creamy texture and works a treat when used to brighten the under eye area. The one thing that bugs me slightly about this is the way the writing completely falls off the packaging - Arghhh! There is nothing that I can find to fault the actual product, though. 

Natural Collection Pressed Powder: I find that this pressed powder is just like many others, except with a much smaller price tag. I use this to set my foundation (You could probably use it alone, too, if you wanted less coverage) and get rid of the shiny shine on my face. 

Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation: This foundation is my favourite Rimmel Foundation to date. I'd say it gives a medium/high(ish) coverage and makes my skin looks glowing due to the tiny bits of glitter inside. Admittedly, I would be careful using this if you have oily skin though - I've seen my face a bit too 'glowy' due to this before so only apply it in small amounts (a little goes a long way!) 

E.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St Lucia: I use the matte bronzer on this to *attempt* (I haven't quite got the defined cheekbone look yet, due to my chubby cheeks) to contour my face. The product has really nice pigment and I always find myself trying to shake as much as possible off the brush, as it is so dark in comparison to my skin. I have only used the blush that comes with this once or twice, but there is nothing really to criticise, other than the fact that both the powders tend to crumble slightly and leave loose powder on the packaging. Nevertheless, for the price of e.l.f products, I cannot expect miracles and would still recommend this! 

Sleek Rose Gold Blush: This blush is ever so beautiful - from the minute I opened the packet, I knew I loved it and I haven't stopped using it since. Sleek in general have amazing pigment and the product looks just as it does in the packet - a lovely rosy pink colour with gold shimmer, probably influencing the name of the shade 'Rose Gold'.

Avon All Over Face Brush & Angled Brush: These brushes are fantastic for those who are starting out with makeup, or are looking for budget brushes. They are very similar to the Coastal Scents brushes and are very soft on the skin. I have washed these brushes many times and the brushes are still in great condition, unlike many budget brushes. 

Avon Eyelid Primer: Similar to my face primer, a pretty boring product to talk about. I do rather like this primer however, as the packaging is compact and carries a lot of product for the size. It also does a great job at making the eyeshadow appear brighter, makes it last longer and creates a smoother base. (A little bit of this primer goes a long way - applying too much causes eyeshadow creases!) 

MUA Undress Me Too Palette: This is my all round favourite palette. I mostly use it to create simple everyday looks, but it can also be used to create darker smoky looks for evenings, hence it stays in my makeup bag 90% of the time. The pigment for MUA is fantastic, the brush provided is a lot softer than I had expected it to be when I brought the product! 

Avon SuperShock Mascara: I have used this mascara for a long, long time - hence the 'Limited Edition' Christmas packaging. It appears to be quite a soft black and does not make my eyelashes clumpy at all. I find myself applying quite a few layers of this as I do prefer thicker eyelashes, although for one who like a natural look, this is a good'en. 

Avon SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner: Again, this is my go to for eyeliner, I am so glad to have discovered it. It is applied through a felt tip - Applied like a pencil eyeliner, looks like a liquid eyeliner. Win! It lasts a lot longer than many other liquid liners I've tried, and it is considerably easier to create a straight line, for those with wobbly hands (Me!). 

No7 Eyelash Curlers: I have used these Eyelash Curlers for years - they allow me to curl lashes really close to the lash line, without nearly poking my eyes out, and curling lasts a lot longer when you warm them up slightly beforehand. 

Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Black Ice: I feel slightly cheated out of this purchase - I spent 79p on it when it was on offer, under the impression that it would appear glittery. Lies. I can't speak for the other colours, but it still appears like a pretty matte colour which I use on my waterline for everyday use. But still, 79p for any eyeliner is a bargain, right? 

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit: Eyebrow filling time! I use the brown powder to fill in my brows (Although it is slightly too dark for my eyebrows, I always seem to struggle to find ones in the correct colour) and then use the wax to set them in place for the day. I find the packaging on this quite bulky though, it's a strange rounded square shape which takes up a fair amount of space in comparison to what it needs to.

(Note: I had no idea how often I used Avon products before I made this post. Blimey!)

Maybelline Intense Care Babylips: There's no way I could ever leave my home for a long period of time without any lip balm. I find this one absolutely heavenly when my lips become quite dry. 

Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick in Lava Love: This is a matte colour which I absolutely love - it is an orangey red colour which is lovely and moisturising. The pigment is really intense too - it also leaves a stain after a while (I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or bad thing), even the swatch wouldn't fully come off afterwards! I usually leave this in my makeup bag incase I feel like switching things up a bit. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notting Hill Nude: My everyday lipstick. I absolutely love this shade - it is a lovely pinky/beige nude colour which is also really moisturising (which is expected, due to the name). Also, this is irrelevant but I absolutely love the film Notting Hill - the name of this makes me really excited! 

See you Soon!

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  1. I love the Undress me too palette! I'm thinking about going backwards and getting the Undress Me palette :-) you can't go wrong for £4 either way!
    And fantastic! At least I'll never run out, haha :D xx

  2. The Avon lipstick looks surprisingly good!