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Hi Everyone! During term time I always struggle to get to shops to buy clothes, hence I tend to make huge lists of items I would like to buy when I finally get to hit the shops. There are some clothes and also some makeup pieces that I am also really looking forward to trying. I hope you find this interesting/inspiring!

Primark A/W Collection 2013
I am really looking forward to going to Primark to shop in their Autumn/Winter Collection. They always have many clothes that I really like, and at a much nicer price tag than other shops. Three products that stuck out to me in particular was the Black Leather-Look Skater Skirt, the Rose Print Cotton Jacket and the Black Chunky Sole Patent Lace Ups (Basically, Doc Martens lookalikes). I'll probably end up buying a lot more than this when I actually get the chance to visit the store, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for these. The skirt would look lovely with an oversized tee (another reason to love Primark), and the Jacket would be absolutely perfect for making me look better dressed for Sixth Form. The Lace Up shoes will also be lovely for everyday wear - I am much happier to spend less money on an unbranded pair as I don't like the style enough to invest in a real pair of these shoes, unfortunately. 

I also found these items of clothing (from Miscellaneous Websites) that I would love to share! The first is the Isabelle Diamond Quilted Fur Trim Hood Parka from Boohoo that I fell in love with at first sight. I owned a Parka last year and it was absolutely heavenly - I'd love to buy this one as I love the colour and the price is a steal at £40. I would also like an Oversized scarf which found on eBay for £3.99. In all of the pictures provided it is worn as a wrap around the arms, but I adore the look of oversized scarves, and I think this would be perfect for seeing me through the winter and autumn. The third item that I liked was the Acid Wash T-Shirt with Holes from ASOS. I love wearing dark coloured, baggy clothes so, inevitably, I fell in love with it. The holes in the shoulder area of the shirt is an added bonus, I think it's absolutely gorgeous! 
Photo from The Sunday Girl
I really want to try out Barry M's new collection of 'Matte' polishes. They are all lovely colours for Autumn, although I think I want to try out the Black and Red shades (Far Left & Far Right) most, as they are the bolder, statement nail colours. It's also strange to think that these varnishes will (should) have no shine to them whatsoever once they have been applied. 

See you Soon! 

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  1. I'm not sure if they're out yet! If they are they won't have been out long - but they should be out soon! :) xx

  2. I've been looking for a leather looking skater skirt for a while now that I can afford, maybe I'll finally get one now!:) xx


  3. Lovely wishlist. Need the matt nailpolish!

  4. I really want to try the nail varnishes and would the oversized scarves look so good in winter, I think I need to invest in one.
    Great Post.
    Lauren xxx

  5. Love the Primark picks, I get so tempted in that shop!

    Fi xx

    1. Me too - I love shopping there but I hate it too because of my bank balance! Xx

  6. I got so excited over the nail polishes! Had no idea that Barry M were doing Matte shades! I need to get the red and black colour! :) xx


    1. Glad I helped! I can't wait for them to arrive in stores :-) xx