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I absolutely love lip pencils at the moment - the light to my life, my pick me up when I'm down. Lip Pencils. Why do they all seem to be so expensive though?! I have two lip pencils which I'm using most frequently at the moment at I wanted to compare. One of them is by Avon and costs £8 (which is definitely on the pricier side for Avon if you ask me) and the other by the one and only Bourjois which is also £8. Let the battle commence!

In terms of packaging, they're both alright. There's nothing to really point out about how terrible they are or anything. I prefer the Bourjois packaging personally as the bright colour is a lot more grabbing and you can tell what the colour of the crayon is even at a glance. I kind of wish the Avon packaging was a little brighter, but it seems to fit in with the black & silver theme of most of their products.

The Bourjois Lip Pencil is very moisturising - the colour applies sheer at first due to this, but can be built up really easily to wear a bright colour. The shades that are available are nice and versatile, but I can't help but feel they are somewhat fitted to Summer rather than Autumn and Winter. I was shocked on how much the Avon lip crayon differed - I gathered as soon as I applied it that it wasn't supposed to be moisturising at all and it's really difficult to get a sheer look from it. It's perfect for applying a bold lip easily as it glides on and the pigment is fantastic, but it's not great for dry lips that are looking for a subtle colour. Definitely moisturise your lips beforehand and perhaps keep a lip balm in your bag, as it can start to dry out your lips after a while. 4/5 of the Avon shades remind me a lot of the Bourjois Colour selection, although there is one colour which is much darker and reminds me of something I'd wear frequently in Autumn and Winter. 

Both of the pencils have average lasting power - I prefer Bourjois since it fades so that it looks like a nice sheer colour. The Avon crayon fades in a way which makes it look like I'm wearing lipliner around the edge of my lips, minus the lipstick - Not a good look! 

'Color Me Reddy' (Avon) | 'Fuschia Libre' (Bourjois)
I think I prefer the Bourjois Lip Crayon to the Avon one, just because of the moisture that comes from it. None of them are really terrible products - I'd be tempted to say that Avon was slightly overpriced, just because its from Avon which is usually a lot less expensive if you buy it at the right time. But judging on only the products, I'd say they were both worth the money, but for different reasons.

See You Soon! 

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  1. The avon lip crayon looks so vibrant and pigmented!
    Great post.

    1. Oh they are - I just wish they lasted better! Xx

  2. Straight up - I LOVE the Bourjois Lip Crayons and have all the shades and unfortunately based on your review I don't think I would get the Avon pen because of how it dries. Lip products that dry and form that horrible line around your lip contours are my pet beauty peeve and I agree it's a bit pricey for being Avon too... Xx


    1. I agree to be honest - I'd be iffy about buying it if I knew what it'd be like beforehand, but it's not bad if you're going out for a short amount of time :) Xx

  3. Love the shades I have used a few lipsticks from Avon will keep my eyes peeled for these :)


  4. They're both lovely shades, I really love lip crayons atm too, I've been wanting to pick up one of the Bourjois ones for ages! :) xxx

    1. Oh I recommend the Bourjois ones so so much! :) xx

  5. Great post, I really want to try the Bourjois color boost lip crayons, they have such lovely shades
    Lauren x