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Last week I was sat in my room writing about my September Favourites, and talking about how I was so proud that I hadn't brought anything all month. It's now early October, and I've ruined the voluntary spending ban already. On two occasions. I regret nothing! 

Bag - Urban Outfitters £20
Even though I'm not in desperate need for a bag, I had to buy it when I saw it. It was in the sale and I figured that £20 would be a good spend on a bag, particularly since Primark Bags aren't half as good quality and the prices are getting quite high. I'm under the assumption that the leather isn't real although I really like the contrast between the pink, cream and black. 

Maybelline Babylips in Cherry Me - Superdrug £2.99
I do already have a Babylips but I've never actually seen the coloured ones in store. I knew I wanted to try this shade, so I plopped this in my Superdrug order. I'm not expecting miracles from it in terms of pigment, since it is only a balm and it's a lot more important to me that it moisturises my lips.

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107 - Superdrug £5.49
I've been dying to try this shade for a long long time since everybody loves it so much and I love dark red lip colours. It's more plummy than I expected although I'm pretty sure I can make it work. Boy do I love the formula on this - It's glides on so easily, I don't know why I've shyed away from Rimmel Lipsticks (in general) for so long! 

MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 4 - Superdrug £1
I brought this since it was apparently a dupe for the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I'm always on the hunt for new products to use on pale skin, and it looks like a good shade so far! I will keep you updated on how it works.

MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose - Superdrug £2.50
 I just had to buy this because it was so so pretty. I have always been confused by Mosaic Blushes - Am I supposed to try and just take out the one colour I want to use? Huh? Since buying this I've found out that you just use the whole thing, and this comes out as a lovely light pink shimmery blush. Not something I'd usually pick out to wear, but I like it very much! 

Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet - Boots £5.99
I've been dieing to get hold of one of these for so so long - I was initially going to buy one when there was a 2 for £10 offer on at Boots but I didn't get there in time. Lone behold, they now have £2 off! Although it works out slightly more expensive than their previous offer, I still prefer it since I don't have to spend any more money to buy another one, if that makes sense.

Purple Tiger Ombré Knitted Jumper - New Look £12
I picked this up in the sale because dark colours really are my kind of colours. I liked this very much as it was a gorgeous black to purple ombré, an has tigers coming out of the side of it. I had to buy this slightly oversized since they had a size that was too large and another that was too small, but it was worth it!

Khaki Winter Parka Coat - New Look £49.99
I saw this online before going in store to buy it. I had a similar coat last year although I had to take it back since it kept breaking, although I'm actually glad because I looove this! If anybody had this coat in mind I'd recommend going in store to try it on before you buy it, since I usually wear a size 12 (ish) and ended up buying a Size 8 - Even Size 10 was far too big for me! It's quilted on the inside so is lovely and warm, and the hold is full of leopard print fur which is so incredibly pretty! 

See You Soon! 

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  1. The jumper is really cute and I love the purple in it :o). Xx


  2. I love that jacket looks so cosy!

    Emma from masqueradebelle.co.uk

    1. Oh it is! I've been wearing it around the house when there's nobody around ;-) xx

  3. I love the Kate Moss lipsticks, they have really lovely shades. I haven't used the that one yet though, but it's next on my list!


  4. that mua blush is really nice and if you don't like it you could use the little sections for separate eyeshadows :) x

  5. Love that jumper...and MUA powder is pretty great for that price..


  6. I actually don't own any of the Kate Moss lipsticks. I can't believe that I've never purchased one, especially considering all the hype surrounding them. Maybe I'll stop in at Boots soon. :)