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Ombré nails have never been something which has appealed to me - the whole 'get a makeup sponge and press it on your nail 100 times without smudging it' has just been way too fussy, and even if I wanted to, I don't think I'd have the patience or skill to do it. However, since the evolution of glitter ombré, I've been converted! I think glitter ombré looks gorgeous so I wanted to try and perfect the look before firework night (The perfect occasion for glitter ombré!).

For my favourite (easiest) ombré attempt I used only two nail varnishes (excluding top coat and base coat, but these are optional I guess!). To do it you'll need an opaque colour for underneath and a glitter varnish - I used both 'Natural Girl' and 'Gold Flecked' from Avon Colortrend as I thought they went well together and they are sold for only £3-£4 each (Although there are loads of 2 for £4 offers and discounts).

I first applied the opaque colour and once dry, put a layer of the glitter varnish at the very top of the nail. Once this was dry (Or slightly tacky, if you're feeling risky and in a rush) I added another layer but started from slightly further down. I did this 3 times, until I reached about two thirds of the way down the nail.

Once this is all dry, you can apply a top coat to achieve a smoother finish, or you can leave it as it is if you don't mind the slightly rough feeling of the glitter. 

I hope you liked the post - I am literally terrible at nail art - so I feel like if I can do an average job, anybody can! 

See You Soon! 

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  1. I'm not too keen on the base color in itself but when you add the glitter it's a completely different story. It's a great look, amazing what a little glitter can do :o). Xx


  2. Love the concept for it, I might try it with different colours :] x

    1. Definitely! I only used the colours I did as an example to be honest :-) xx

  3. I think I'm going to have to try this!
    I've just ordered a new one of the colour trend glitter topcoats in Rose Gold so really excited to try it.

    Katrina xx

    1. Oh lovely, let me know how it turns out ;-) xx

  4. Hi Chloe just to let you know that I have tagged you for the Beauty Blogger TAG and it would be so much fun if you joined in :o). Xx