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I've always heard about the 'Blogger's Block' phase in Blogging, and I think after 3 months, I might have began to hit it (although admittedly it feels way too soon). There are a variety of thoughts which constantly run through my head - 'Your blog layout is boring', 'Your blog posts don't make sense', 'Your Pictures are rubbish', 'Your blog name is terrible' and it all adds up to this intense feeling of *sigh*, which usually ends up with my lying in bed doing nothing. It just so happens that I feel like I'm running out of things to write about at the same time - I've been trying to look through my makeup to find products to post about but I feel like I'll end up doing product review after product review and It's pretty damn boring!

I've decided that I'm fed up, so this time I'm actually doing something about it - I'm thinking about giving my blog a bit of a layout change (although right now I am a bit of a HTML newbie), and coming up with a load of new posts to try and jazz things up and get my motivation back. Here goes! I've been trying out a load of new products recently that I want to blog about and I'll probably start on a couple of 'Starting off' and 'Top 5 under £5' posts and things like that. I'm open to suggestions too :)

See You Soon! (Sorry for the huge rant, but it's always good to let it out, right?)

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