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Bastille - Probably gotta be my favourite artist right now. I'm no expert when talking about music so you probably won't understand what I mean other than about how much I love it, but they have such an unique sound it's just so so easy to listen to every track on the album. 

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in Shade 107 - I know that everybody else on the planet loves this lipstick too, but boy is it nice. The shade is a dark red/plum colour but suits everybody so nicely, regardless of skin tone. It looks lovely for Autumn and Winter too. 

Disney - I may/may not be going to Disneyland Paris this year with my School and it is so exciting! Even the sight of something with a Disney Logo gives me the jitters and I've decided that if it doesn't go ahead, I'll find a friend and get a plane to Disneyland myself. 

I've been relying on the quote 'Tomorrow is Another Chance' recently. I always struggle to forget things that have happened in the past - What some people can forget within a day or two will stay with me for about a week before I manage to move on, and I feel like I need to tell myself to live in the present rather than dwelling on the past. 

Grand Theft Auto V - This probably isn't something you'd expect to see on a beauty blog but I cannot leave this game alone right now! I've always been a GTA fan (Don't even make me think about the time my Mum made me trade in GTA Liberty City on my PS2 for Pop idol as it was less 'naughty') and its nice to have something new and updated to play. 

Tattoos - I'm not talking about the above picture specifically, since Pizza on your finger is cool but not my style, as such. Anyway, I've been a huge fan of finger, wrist and thigh tattoos recently and I just wish that finger tattoos were easier to conceal! The whole 'if you have a tattoo you won't be able to eat a job' stigma is driving me crazy. 

Baking Cakes - I had to bake cakes recently for a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Sixth Form. Mine were pretty atrocious, but it was nice to do something different and I'd love to be able to bake cakes which look more professional and try selling them in the future. X

Woolly Jumpers - It's slightly too early to refer to them as Christmas Jumpers, but I do love them so much. The majority of my wardrobe is jumpers so I always end up stuck when Summer comes. I'm very much looking forward to the colder weather so that I can actually wear my wardrobe without excessively sweating! 

See You Soon! 

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  1. Lovely post! I can't wait until November comes so it will be acceptable to buy a Christmas jumper :) I only just bought the Kate Moss lipstick but it's such a go to colour for me now as well!



  2. I too am a fan of the finger tattoos I love the heart one! Also loving the autumn vampy coloured lippys!


  3. I love Bastille, ever since their song was on made in Chelsea xx

    Trill | Esttrill.co.uk

  4. Love all the Kate Moss lipsticks- there's so many gorgeous colors to choose from and I just love everything about them :)

  5. Haven't tried the Kate moss lippie a yet but I bet they're lovely and gat is such a fun game my friend has been bugging me to buy it for him for ages now!