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I really, really wanted to start making posts about Christmas on here, since its my favourite time of year. The thought of it gives me the jitters, it's not even the day that gets me so excited, it's the build up to it! Mince Pies, Christmas Songs, Cheesy Christmas Jumpers, Ahhh! 

I thought I would start with a post about buying presents, and I've made it very early since it leads on to my first point. Enjoy! 

1) Buy Early - I'm getting this out of the way first because I feel like everybody says it, but many people don't really follow it through. Since I'm an unemployed student I find it easier to start buying earlier - spending £10 a month for 4 months is a lot less daunting than spending £40 in the week before Christmas. The Shops are quieter, prices aren't inflated and it gives you the chance to think about what you'd like to buy thoroughly, instead of picking up the first thing you see that's within your budget. 

2) Don't buy everything in the January Sales - I have learnt this from past experience. I am absolutely terrible - I always walk into the Boots Sales on Boxing Day and buy everything that is reasonably priced, deciding that I'd give it out as a present next year. Realistically speaking, a lot of my friends wouldn't like the things I buy, so nowadays I generally try to either buy a nice branded box (e.g. Soap and Glory or Ted Baker) or wait until I find something they'd actually like. I'm in no way slamming off the sales though - I buy always buy plenty (way too much) for myself! 

3) Don't Buy the First Thing you Come Across - This has never really been a problem for me since I've been brought up to check the price of something in 3 shops before I actually buy it, but I've seen it done so many times. If you want to buy a pair of slippers for a friend, look around for the nicest ones first (even easier now you could look online!). It's generally easier to look around and then buy, than regretting buying a pair and having to take them back for a refund before you can get another. 

4) Don't Bother with Gift Cards! - I understand the idea of these from a retailers point of view, but not from the customer. If you wanted to give somebody £10 to spend in Primark, it would be better to give them a £10 note with a note attached so that they don't have to spend it there if there's something else they want from another store. By buying a gift card you're limiting their spending to one shop only, let them buy what they really want! 

5) Try and Personalise Your Gifts - Pretty much everybody hates receiving those typical shower gel sets, don't they? If you don't know what to buy somebody try and find something unusual instead of going for a typical shower set - Maybe a Candle? a Photo Frame? It doesn't even have to be a lot, just something that people can actually appreciate instead of using it up and throwing it away. 

This year I've already created a list of presents that I'm buying for people and I'm aiming to get them all prepared at the start of December (c'mon, wrapping presents in September is just overkill!) 
See You Soon!

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  1. Loved this post, some great tips!! I'm crazy about Christmas too! The build up to it all AAHH!! Excited wouldn't be the word!! lol :) Great post! xo


  2. Good post, I hear ya with personalising gifts! Totally agree with those shower gel sets. My cousin, every year, buys me something from Boots 3 for 2. Now I don't want to sound really ungrateful but a) not a lot of thought has gone into choosing said present and b) my drawers are already bursting with beauty products. I'd rather she didn't bother than get me that.

    I've started saving weekly too, to spread out the cost but also saving my nectar & advantage points too. Roll on Christmas!!!


    1. Exactly!! Some of them I don't mind but it's just when you can tell that it's like a hand me down set :-(
      And that's great!! Boots are fab for their advantage card points :-) xx

  3. I love Christmas and the build up to it too! Especially after Halloween when it's the next thing everyone is thinking about :D


    1. I agree!! Especially when there's fireworks and you begin to think about how it really is winter :-) xx

  4. Very good tips! Especially the 'buy early' I need to adopt that tip this year :-)
    Lovely post xo