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Those who know me will know that I am a total lazybum. Completely. I love makeup and beauty to bits but actually, I rarely do it because for some reason, lifting my hand to my face is just too much of a hassle when I'm not going out anywhere special. The same applies with my hair - It usually gets a quick brush in the morning and then it's done. Shazam! (Sometimes when I'm having a lazy day I won't even brush it. Ommm)

Nevertheless, I was absolutely buzzing when the lovely people at Annabelle's Wigs gave me the opportunity to try one of their products. Being a bit of a wimp, I thought I'd try a 3/4 wig* as I know for a fact I'd never have the guts to step out in a real wig (even though they did all look lovely). A couple of days later, it fell through my letterbox and I was absolutely astounded. 

Absolute NIGHTMARE to photograph. I don't know why - all of my other pictures seem to come out fine but I
just couldn't get one with decent lighting. Either way, this was the best I managed to get. Sorry! :(

I'm not sure if anybody relates to this, but I hate buying things online regarding hair colour, in case it doesn't match. Luckily I was able to tweet them a picture of my hair beforehand and they picked the colour for me (thank god - they did an amazing job! Even with terrible lighting), and they also have a colour-picking tool on their website. It looked absolutely lovely on too - I wouldn't stretch to say it looked completely natural on me because I always wear my hair in such a different style, but I can't fault how nice it looked. I'm still trying to pluck up the courage to wear it out the house - but it's definitely one for when I go out on an evening or when I feel like dressing up a little. 

It was really, really quick to apply too - you can literally put it in like a headband and then carry on your day as usual! A lot of hair extension grips fall out of my hair because it's very thick, but this felt secure for the whole time. The fact that it's actually a wig and not extensions is a bonus too - The hair is thick enough for it to look natural without having to buy lots of little pieces. 

See You Soon!

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  1. Looks lovely! i'd have no problem stepping out in a wig - beats bad hair days :)
    Great blog x

    1. Definitely! I didn't even think of that haha :-) xx