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Unless you want to count the shading brush which I used to own (which absolutely stank of horse hair!), I've never actually owned a set of Eye Makeup brushes - I've always been much more of a face brushes girl because I know I'll use them daily and really get my money's worth. When the Nanshy Eye Brush Set* arrived through my door I kinda felt like it was the start of a new era for me and my eyeshadow palettes. 

I felt like this was a fantastic set to start with since there were 7 brushes and they all had the names on, so that I could actually Google what the brush was incase I had I no idea. I know it sounds silly but I do own random makeup brushes which I don't know how to use, eek! I can't really compare these to the Real Techniques starter kit because I don't own it, but this set is keeping me very very happy indeed. The bristles on the brushes are very very soft - they pick up the product easily and they don't seem to shed. Much like Real Techniques, the bristles are synthetic so they collect less bacteria and they don't smell!! Wahey! (Ever since that shading brush I mentioned earlier, I've become very fussy about my brushes and their smell haha)

The brushes cost £29.95 for the set on Amazon, or £5.95 per brush. Would I recommend? Definitely! They work out at a very budget friendly price & I'm shocked myself at how much nicer my eye makeup looks with the aid of some decent brushes. I'm especially looking at the Blending Eyeshadow Brush - it's a miracle! The packet smelt like Toffee Apples when it arrived too - no idea why, but it was niiiiiice. 

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  1. These brushes look amazing, and really good value for money! Would love to try them out at some stage :) xx

    Rachael | overdosedemaquillage.blogspot.com ♥

  2. seems like they're worth the money plus they look cute


  3. These look like great brushes! Great value for money too x


  4. I can't get over how soft they are! Xx

  5. Ohh they so are! I'm wondering whether to get the face kit xx