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If I told you that I was well prepared for this post, I would be totally lying to you - The month has gone so quick! I don't know whether I'm coming or going at the moment, and I don't feel like I've really had the time to sit and think about what I really am loving. There are a couple of little things that I have brought which are little gems so decided I'd post them instead of going out of my way to find things to include. Honesty is the best policy! 

Solutions Freshest Pure Dual Phase Facial Cleanser - I brought this from Avon in the sale and I'm so very happy with it. I've been sticking with the same cleanser for years, but it's pretty heavy duty so it's nice to have a cleanser which is a lot softer on the skin, and also smells a lot lot nicer.

AVON Ballroom Beauty Body Spray - I've been trying not to use it because I want to use up some of my old fragrances first but it's so nice that I can't help it! Again, picked up in the sale from Avon, it has quite a musky smell that I can't quite explain. Anyway, it's lovely! 

Salon System Naturalash 100 - I recieved these in a giveaway from the lovely Helen. I'd be lieing if I said I'd used these ones specifically but they look so good and I've actually cracked how to apply false eyelashes now! I've been trying to learn how to do it for years but I never actually been able to do it until now. When people tell you to leave the glue to go tacky, they're telling the truth!! 

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in 053 Sorbet - Who doesn't love these? They are a lovely mix between a balm and a lipstick and they're perfect for those 'oh god I've got five minutes to do my makeup, what shall I do??' Moments. I've also got a blog post coming up on this so I will link it when it's up! 

Eyeko London Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner - I picked this up because it was a freebie with Glamour Magazine. If you tell my Mom that I brought the mag because of the gift and not the magazine, she'll (not literally) murder me. Haha! At only £2 I was very very impressed - all of my other felt tip liners are rubbish in comparison to this. The pigment is amazing, it doesn't dry out easily and it also stays in place! Wahey! 

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  1. Glad you like the lashes, it still takes me a lot of time and paience to get them right! X

    1. I love them! :) (Sorry I forgot to put your name in! I was on my iPad so I couldn't hyperlink and then it totally slipped my mind - teaches me to proof read before I upload!!) Xx

  2. I've never actually used any of these but I used to be an Avon Representative and so bi know how good Avon is. Will have to check these out.

    1. I recommend them! I think I like too much of their stuff haha xx

  3. I love love love the lashes!
    I just posted 2 new posts on my blog, I'd love it if you checked them both out :)
    Laura | laurasrantsandreviews.blogspot.com x

  4. The avon body mist sounds really nice, I love musky scents!! Great Favourites!!