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Source (I don't actually want to go anywhere I just like the idea of having money to spend)
I've seen many posts on this and I can't believe the willpower that people have which can stop them spending for months at a time. It sounds very silly that it's difficult not to shop but I really feel for people who are on spending bans - there is no way that I could go shopping and not buy at least one thing (It would have been a wasteful shopping trip otherwise!). Nevertheless, I'm sitting here right now writing, having decided that I'm not going to spend any money before Christmas - i'll be recieving presents on Christmas Day and I just think it would be nice to have not brought anything before so that I can appreciate them so much more.

Oh god. It's a nightmare already - I only started on the 1st of December. There's something about the thought of not being able to shop which makes me want to do it even more, but honestly, it will be worth it when I get to spend it all in the January Sales. Obviously I'll be making exceptions for buying presents (although they're still on a budget!), but other than that, there's no real need for me to spend money that I can think of. I've been shopping a couple of weeks ago and hopefully, I've brought all the essentials I need (I'm talking fluffy tights etc) to keep me through the month. 

I'm aware that a month isn't very long to do a spending ban but I think I surprise even myself at how easy it is to spend money, whether it be making small orders online and popping down to ASDA in my free periods it all adds up. 
At the moment I'm wondering how long this will last - I'll probably cope pretty well on school days because I spend all of my time either working or watching TV. As long as nobody asks me to come shopping at the weekends, I'll be fine. I'll keep you all updated to how it goes! I'm thinking about doing one for longer after the sales, although I'll see about that when it comes to it. 

See you soon! 

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  1. Good luck with the spending ban! I tried it but it turns our my clothing and beauty spending habits amount to nothing in comparison to my nights out, which I can't seem to give up. I'm trying a spending ban from February right through to summer next year to save up for a 6 week volunteering project, it could be challenging!

    You'll have a blast in the January sales with all that saved money!


    1. that's a good point, actually! And good luck! It will all be worth it in the end :-) xx

  2. thats what I'm trying to do!! haha I normally do it slightly less religiously but im going full in in this year :) xx

  3. Wow, I'm so impressed! I have to admit I would struggle with a complete spending ban, especially in December when the shops are just inviting you to buy lots even more than usual ha! Maybe I will give it a try one month next year! Alice xx aliceinthelookingglass.wordpress.com