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When these lipsticks popped through my door, I literally ripped them out of the packet to take a look. I was so excited to use them as they had an amazing range of shades on the website and their darks really were looking top notch. I since found out that their products were aimed at people with dark skin, but it really just shows the versatility of the colours that they sell, as I am probably the palest white girl you'll ever meet.

The packaging of the lipsticks were really nothing to rave about - the products didn't have their logo on or anything like that and so were slightly on the plainer side, although they did arrive in a lovely packaged box which you only really find in the higher ends of makeup (am I the only one who doesn't throw away the boxes?? I find it really difficult to part with them!). 
The formula was really nice too. I'd definitely recommend giving your lips a good exfoliate beforehand since, as most lipsticks do, they had a tendency to stick to the drier parts (especially with the lighter colour). That said, they are very moisturising once on, and still don't slide around the face. The pigment was lovely and glided onto my lips well. I do feel like the swatches below don't really do the colours justice as they were a nightmare to picture although Vintage Wine is much like a non-matte, and non-drying version of the infamous Kate Moss 107, which is a lot more wearable during the winter months. Royal Ruby is definitely going to get a lot of use from me, it has basically become my new statement red lip. I'm quite fussy about my reds as a lot of them don't suit me, although this really did suit well, and I can imagine it as one of those lipsticks which works well for everybody. 

Future Lipstick model right here. So big and plump and lovely shape xoxoxo
Maybe I'll stick to hand/arm swatches in the future. 
Summary: The product is lovely. Not drying in the slightest, and so perfect for trying to pull of dark lips in the cold weather. Slightly out of my price bracket at the moment but definitely buy them if I won the lottery or got a well-paying job (although that's not for the foreseeable future). I'd also recommend these personally for older people as I can imagine the appearance of these going down well with my mother in comparison to a lipstick from a high-street brand. 

See you soon! 

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  1. I'm loving that vintage wine shade! Great review!

  2. nice review
    I totally get you on not wanting to part with the package box lol
    i love the royal ruby

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com