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I've been very very late joining the whole 'Revlon Lip Butters' bandwagon - £8 is a huge commitment for me to spend on one lip product that I had assumed would be just like a Lip Balm. How wrong was I? Admittedly, I only picked mine up from Boots because there was a £2 off - I probably still wouldn't have one otherwise! 

I picked the colour 'Sorbet' since it was getting late, the swatches were very messy and I needed to run for the bus. Hot Pink/Fuchsia type colours have become my go-to colour which is kinda strange since a few years ago, any form of pink would have been my worst nightmare. The pigment was a pleasant surprise too, it was more thick and the colour was a lot more intense than I had anticipated and is definitely a product I would class as a lipstick more than a balm (Although is still definitely a mix between the two).

It's pretty moisturising as well, it glides on really easily although there is a compromise - lasting power. As expected, the lasting power wasn't fantastic - I find myself having to apply it every few hours or so since the moisture in the product means it doesn't stick to the lips too well. It isn't dreadful, but probably not the best if you were going out for the evening and wanted something to last all day/night without reapplying. 

I'm definitely thinking of picking some more of these up when there's an offer on - Maybe a nudey pink colour for sixth form since it'll look natural and I do have the time to reapply it. It's pretty speedy too since I don't have to spend time moisturising my lips in between putting on lipstick! 

See You Soon! 

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  1. It's a beautiful shade and it seems quite pigmented too! Xx


  2. I've only just cottoned onto the Revlon Lip Butters too, arent they amazing!! I love the Cotton Candy shade soo much and the Sorbet looks lovely :-) xxx


  3. Revlon lip butters are great, so far I've tried three. I really like Sugar Plum :)