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Look 1: Winter Warmer
For the first (daytime) look I chose something that would be easy for most people to wear. I opted for a simple look from which many of the items can be used throughout different seasons although the Vest Top with ThinHeat meant that it was more appropriate (and hopefully a lot warmer) for winter, alongside a plain pair of blue skinny jeans. I am also a huge fan of wraps this year and so felt that this was an easy way to make the look a whole lot more interesting. Of course, I had to finish off the look with a leather bag, statement necklace and a pair of western-style boots to make it look a little less basic.

Black Knitted Wrap - £15.75 // Bright Blue Super Skinny Jeans - £19.20 // White Vest Top with ThinHeat - £21.60 // Gold Crystal Link and Multi-Strand Long Necklace - £20.00 // Black High Western Boots - £18.00 // Tan Leather Embossed Shoulder Bag - £69.50 // Mac Creme Cup Lipstick - £15
Total: £228.55

Look 2: Christmas Party
For this look I wanted to try and keep the whole sophisticated, glamorous look while adding a bit of pattern to make it slightly more interesting. I spent under half of the £250 budget with this look and I really think it illustrates how a little can go a long way! I went with my current favourite trend - a tartan dress with a pair of tights, faux suede wedges (aren't they looovely!) and a clutch bag. The gold watch and bracelet were also added since I absolutely adore the gold chain look, and I thought that the watch was a well suited but also practical addition. 

Total: £112.85

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  1. Oooh I love the first look, very pretty! x

  2. I'm loving the first pic, those boots are gorgeous!

    Claire x|Claire does beauty

    1. I love them!! I want them for myself haha Xx

  3. i love the first look, such a great outfit for this winter! You can't go wrong with a mac lipstick either!

    Kassie - www.styledevoured.com xx

  4. Would absolutely wear both these looks - you did a fab job :)