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Valentines Day has never been a personal favourite of mine. Every year I find myself surrounded by public affection and love hearts. EVERYWHERE. Nevertheless I think it's grown on me slightly this year and I'm actually quite liking the idea - probably slightly influenced by my new found liking for pink, rom-coms and perfume. I did originally make this post as a gift guide but upon realising how many single pringles there are (just like myself) it turned into a gifts for others and yourself mash-up. Yay! 

Obviously the things which I've picked up won't appeal to everybody and some are slightly on the cheesy side, although I think it needs noting that I've only ever received one valentines card from my mum, and so my perception of nice gifts is probably slightly different to the norm.

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment EDP 100ml* - £24.50 (RRP £66) (Fragrance Direct)
Daisy by Marc Jacobs EDT 50ml* - £40.95 (RRP £48) (Fragrance Direct)
Vera Wang Princess EDT 30ml* - £28.99 (RRP £34) (Fragrance Direct)
Perfumes have gotta be the pick of the bunch from me. I had never really bothered with expensive scents but after realising how easy it can be to pick them up at discounted prices I've been picking them up like nobody's business (especially in the sales and discount sites). My first pick of perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, which I think is an all round winner. I have never found anybody who has disliked the scent as it's rich, but lovely and floral and easy to wear on a daily basis. I am also really liking Calvin Klein Eternity Moment which has 'Notes of pomegranate, Chinese pink peony blossom, warm rose wood and raspberry cashmere' (please, don't ask me what chinese pink peony blossom is, but I promise it smells as nice as it sounds) - a delightful scent and the amount of product which you get for your money is an absolute steal. My final choice was Vera Wang Princess which is a much lighter scent in comparison to the other two, although is still very floral and sweet and definitely a scent that you can't go wrong with.

Being a beauty blogger, I think this one goes without saying that I and many other girls can never have enough makeup. Lipstick is my personal favourite to receive as a gift as you don't have the problem of picking out shades as you would with foundation, and it's a chance to try out new colours and brands. Obviously if the person you're buying for has no interest in makeup then it might not be an ideal gift - but I know for a fact I'd be over the moon if somebody brought me a nice piece of makeup which I couldn't always afford to buy myself, and it's nice to have somebody else's opinion on what would look nice.

Primark Adjustable Pink Ring - £1
Primark Midi-Rings £1.50
Primark Silver Heart Chain Necklace - £2
Primark Silver Heart Chain Bracelet - £1.50
The first thing I'd like to point out is that I brought all of my jewellery from Primark as it was all for myself (tehe) and so I didn't really want to break the bank. Obviously if you're buying for somebody else it'll be worthwhile to buy something slightly more high-end to avoid the death glare, but I really like some of Primark's pieces right now - I love their rings and midi rings so much!

DVDs/Films etc.
I added this one in because I have quite a few friends who don't have a lot of money this year since Christmas, and figured that some other people are more than likely to be in the same boat. There's nothing that I love more than watching both Comedy and Rom-Coms and so it would be lovely to just sit in with a nice film, hot chocolate and of course, popcorn. Even if you're treating yourself this year you can still arrange a night in for yourself and pamper yourself to death. Even if you don't have the DVD you'd like to watch - there are a load available for literally pennies at places like Amazon and Cash Converters.

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  1. Aw I used to love ver wang princess. Nice post


  2. I love Marc Jacobs perfume so much! Daisy is my favourite, I don't know if you have tried Oh, Lola but that is really nice too!
    Great post.

    1. Ooh I haven't but I really want to! I've smelt honey but I personally prefer daisy and dot :-) xx

  3. Ohh! I just love your perfume choice ;) love Fragrance Direct they have amazing prices and so much to choose from! Currently loving the 212 sexy perfume just got different sizes from Fragrance Direct a couple of weeks back obsessed is an understatement!! :D x


    1. They're amazing aren't they!! I have such a big Wishlist from there haha, and different sizes?! No way haha I've never gone that far, I guess you'll never run out though ;D xx

  4. What a lovely post! Vera Wang Princess is probably my favourite perfume of all time. The scent and bottle are just perfect!

    Shelley x

    1. Vera Wang Princess is so nice and subtle! Glad you like it :) Xx

  5. Ah lovely post! Perfumes are definitely a fail safe for a Valentines gift I really want the Vera Wang one!


    1. Definitely! Can't go wrong with perfumes at valentines - it's so nice!! Xx

  6. I really wanna try out Vera Wang Princess, wonder how it smells like..


  7. I love your blog