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Oh my giddy aunt, it feels like ages since I've done one of these posts. I almost forgot that I had to do one this month! It's nice to be doing them again though as it means that I can talk about a lot of products at once instead of just doing individual reviews. Looking back at the products I've picked now there isn't really anything unusual in there - I think pretty much everybody loves every product which I've included but boy, are they good!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
I haven't owned this for as long as I would have liked to this month but there's no way I couldn't include it in here. You can probably expect it in my February, March, April favourites too, and probably some more after that. I had always been reluctant to pick this up because of the price tag although I managed to get 10% off in store and the idea of saving a whole £3.70 just made it so much more worthwhile (definitely recommend waiting for 10% off's when buying high end makeup). Now that I own it however, I'm totally smitten and I totally understand why people love the palettes so much. I have the feeling my MUA dupes will barely get a looking now! The pink tones look really nice against my skin as it's quite warm but pale. And honestly, the pigment on this is the best I've ever seen. I know that most people reading this probably already have the palette and so know how good it is - but even a small touch with your finger and your whole finger will be opaque in eyeshadow. The shades included are so versatile too that you can create an infinite set of looks for both day and night.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara
This is another fairly new product of mine which was a part of one of the Gift Sets I brought myself from the boots sale this year. It's a good job I like it, because I've got another one in another set which my Mum has brought me to give me instead of chocolate at Easter. Yay! The mascara has fantastic lasting power and whilst it's not the best for curling, it gives my lashes a lot of volume and is nice and easy to apply in the mornings. This is definitely up there with my favourite mascaras and although I'm not always fond of Soap and Glory's makeup, this is definitely an exception.

Bourjois Java Rice Powder
I'm pretty sure I've included this in some kind of post but there's no way that I could leave this out. At this time of year I don't usually wear pressed powder as my skin is already susceptible to dryness which then equals crusty foundation (yuck!!), and I've been quite enjoying the dewy look at the moment. This is quite messy to apply but the loose pigment is so fine that it's not drying on the skin whatsoever - you can't even notice that you're wearing any kind of powder! It just helps to add back in the luminance which my skin tends to miss in the winter and makes me look a whole lot more awake and glowing.

Mac Creme Cup
I was honoured enough to win this in a giveaway from Meg and I've been using it daily since I received it. The first time I wore it I honestly pooped myself over how light it was. Put a pale pink lip on a pale girl and you get washed out, very washed out. Nevertheless I have since learnt how to apply it so that it looks sheer and looks lovely in the winter as a daily nude pink lip. I prefer it to Chatterbox at the moment, which really is something! It doesn't look silly when it starts to fade either, which means that it's a lot more practical than bright coloured lipsticks, and you can afford to be a lot more laid back when it comes to re-applying.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
This is another product which everybody loves that I'm far behind in picking up. I asked my mother to buy me this from ASDA for £5 as there is no way I would pay £10 to buy it from Boots. Eventually it was in stock and I was able to get my hands on one. It literally makes my foundation so quick and easy to apply - the coverage is even and the brushes are synthetic meaning that they are hygienic, easy to clean and don't smell badly when washed.

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  1. Great picks, loving all of these!


  2. I love it! Can't be doing without it now :) xx

  3. Oh I love it! I think will last a long time too because of the packaging :) xx

  4. That Mac lipstick is such a gorgeous shade, really need it for my collection!

  5. I was never bothered enough to buy 1 or 2, but Naked 3 looks amazing, I'm cracking more and more by the day!
    Mel x


    1. Haha just like me! I'm glad I don't have them as I prefer this one personally :-) You won't regret it! Xx