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Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' // Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Lemon Sugar 
This is pretty much the height of my creativity for this Spring and the most daring that I'm willing to go with my Nail art. I love wearing Essie's 'Bikini So Teeny' all year round and adding the flowers on top was so so simple. I didn't even use a nail art dotting tool - although you could use one of those to create a better circle if you had one to hand. I just used the brush provided to add five dots of yellow varnish (or three where it's on the end of the nail) and once dried, a dot of white nail varnish. 

Avon ColorTrend Nail Enamel in 'Natural Girl' // MaxFactor NailFinity in 'Disco Pink' 
The second design which I went for was probably the most simple you could get, literally. I've always been a fan of French Manicures because they are so natural looking and so I thought that this time I'd jazz it up by using a coloured tip. Once upon a time I was actually laughed at by doing so but I still stand by my thoughts and I do think it's absolutely lovely, and a really simple way to make your nails more interesting. I had some french manicure stickers going free in my nail varnish collection which I usually use for this kind of nail, as it is so much easier to get the tip looking straight and natural. I'm not exactly sure where you can buy them from as I've had mine for years, although I'd imagine they'll be readily available online, for example on eBay. 

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  1. love these colours, especially the pastel blue! I think I might invest in that Essie shade :) Btw I love your blog header!


  2. I like these colors :)
    Love the new look on the page and the name change. I do miss a picture of you though.

  3. Love the first one, I have the Avon nail polish, it's so pretty! xx


    1. Thankyou! Avon do have some really lovely shades :) Xx

  4. I love pastel polishes :-) Of course I will :) xx

  5. These are honestly so cute and perfect for spring! I can't wait to try this out :)

  6. Ahh this post is so cute! :)
    I love the floral pattern so much!