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Mr Nutcase Flip Style Phone Case* - £19.95

Not owning an iPhone generally makes life, especially when it comes to buying phone cases, very difficult. It's like an ongoing dilemma - I do have the money to buy an iPhone and I could actually buy one in a way which would work out cheaper over the two years than my BlackBerry did when I brought it, yet I still can't find myself to part from so much money when I have a phone which works. I nearly said that it 'works well' - but it runs out of battery far too often, the twitter app hardly works despite me paying for internet, and it isolates me from apps such as instagram and snapchat, so actually I think saying that it works 'well' is taking it slightly too far. (This is all totally irrelevant, I just had to get it off my chest though haha sorry!!)

When offered to try a Personalized Leather Phone Case* from Mr Nutcase, I literally jumped at the chance to try and re-invent my phone to get another few months use out of it before buying a new one. When on the website you are given the opportunity to first choose your phone and then add your own photos to the case, before sending off your order. Since I wanted a flip-style case (to prevent the screen from getting scratched, and to slightly disguise the fact that I still own a phone which was in trend 3 years ago) I decided to use a photo with a white background as you can only have an image on the back of the case, if that makes sense.

When adding images onto your case you can use real photos and add them in form of a collage, which would make a fantastic gift for a friend or even for yourself. Personally I'm not a person who has many photos, and as I don't have photos with all of my friends I decided that I'd stick for something more simple to save anybody taking offence - although did opt to put my name on it for something slightly more personal. I was glad to see the quality of the phone case when it arrived too - it was literally identical to how I had expected it to look from the website, It's made from real leather and so is durable, it smells leathery and fits the phone case well. The one thing that impressed me most too was that the site isn't limited to those with an iPhone - there are literally endless amount of phone styles available to choose from and so it is highly likely that yours will be there too. It's really rare for me to find a phone case which fits my phone (other than when I look on eBay) and so I was very surprised. The delivery was super quick - arriving within a week, and an added bonus is that it's free worldwide. Hooray!

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  1. That's so cute and personal. I like that it's leather and not plastic too. It would be a great gift.

    1. Definitely! It smells lovely too because it's leather haha o:-) Xx

  2. Oh wow this is gorgeous, lovely idea xxx


  3. So cute!