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For an absolute age I've been wanting to try the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. For some reason it never seemed to be sold in boots (they have a whole La Roche Posay stand but I could just never find the one product!). When I heard about the release of the Effaclar Duo+ I knew I had to make the purchase. It claimed to be good at clearing up blemishes and redness on the skin (which is a huge problem for me), obviously there was going to be an introductory offer AND the product would be made really obvious on the stand in an attempt to improve sales and talk. It had to be mine! 

In terms of the product itself I did my searching before making the purchase. A lot of people say to persevere with it as it takes a few weeks to really show results and so this post will have several different entries on how it's going before publishing it (I thought this was the most suitable way to do it!) 

Week 1
7 days in and I've not noticed a huge difference. I didn't really expect to, as people do say to persevere for a few weeks. Come the end of the week, I've had a few spots here and there around my face. I'm hoping that this is the start of the transition phase as people say that once they've gotten all their spots, they all go and never come back. I have loads of under the skin spots on my chin and so I'm hoping that they will start to come up soon. Fingers crossed! 

Week 2
The change in my skin hasn't been dramatic, although I'm beginning to notice that the only place I'm getting spots is in my hairline, where I don't put the effaclar duo+. I'm starting to think that this is actually working as the under the skin spots on my chin (which have been there for months - you wouldn't believe how stubborn they were!) are now actually very easy to get rid of and I've literally managed to squeeze out about 15 of them over the past fortnight. That's probably TMI, but you want a thorough review right?! I've not really had a 'spotty change' that people have and I'm not sure whether it's still to come or whether I won't get one at all, we will see! I've never woken up and gone 'oh my god that blemish has disappeared!1!1 either but I definitely think it's doing something, as I woke up the other day and considered not wearing foundation to sixth form, which is something I would have never dreamed of before. 

Week 3
I can definitely see an improvement in my blemishes now. I have had quite a few spots but I think they're hormonal, and so I can't blame the product as the only way to manage hormones (I assume) is through pills and contraceptives. My skin however does look a lot smoother - a lot less red patches and I'd actually be a lot more confident leaving the house without foundation on now. I can sense that there's some product missing from the tube now which is really saddening as I want it to last forever - I can't afford to repurchase it! I have however noticed that my spots come and go really quickly - they come to a head almost immediately and are then gone within two days maximum. I can't complain about that! 

Week 4
I stopped using the Effaclar Duo+ for a week as I didn't think my skin was particularly bad anyway, but boy was I wrong. A day or so after I stop using it I come out with a massive spot and a few smaller ones elsewhere, I've not seen any that big for a while! I really think I underestimated the effects of the effaclar duo now. I'm definitely going to continue using it - my spots reduce a lot quicker when this has been applied on the evenings which is a huge, huge bonus! 

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  1. i recently brought this too and ive been loving it, such a great product!

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I love it! Not sure what I'm going to do when I've used it up :-( Xx

  2. Thankyou! To be honest I really enjoyed using the product, so it just kinda came naturally! I always look at my skin and try to improve it's appearance so it was quite useful to note down what it was like :D