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I actually feel like an old granny right now - reviewing a product which every beauty blogger has already formed an opinion on. Is there any point?! I probably wouldn't be reviewing this but I'm so damn proud of the photos above (I don't know about you but i think they look gurddd considering my level of photography skill) that I had to include them. I had to!!!

Maybelline Baby Skin is a 'lightweight' primer which creates 'smooth, poreless looking skin', according to the packaging. I don't think that that's a ridiculous statement - the way the words are phrased makes it sound fantastic but realistically I think everybody would look for all of these in a primer regardless of whether it said it on the packaging or not. The packaging itself is pretty cute and quirky. It's cheesy and probably absolutely despised by some but I think it makes my makeup bag seem a whole lot more interesting, and it definitely suits the 'baby skin' name. I mean, could you imagine buying a piece of makeup with sophisticated packaging such as Chanel, only to find out that it was called 'Baby Skin Primer' - I think that'd be much stranger! The product is easy to get out of the packaging, it's not messy in the slightest and not once have I found myself squeezing out too much product (although it'd probably be impossible to get product back into the tube if you ever tried to).

Onto the product itself, it has a silicone like consistency and is definitely on the thicker side. It feels quite nice and while I can see why some people don't like applying this kind of consistency to their face, I don't mind it. I've not tried the benefit Porefessional to compare but this did actually hide all of the pores on my nose, making a much smoother base to apply makeup. That said I only usually apply this to my nose as I don't think it's needed all around my face on a daily basis. I've had no breakouts as of yet although a few people have commented on this, so I'd assume that it depends on your type of skin and how sensitive it is. I am careful though and always remove my makeup thoroughly when I use this and try not to leave it on for the whole day, just in case.

Contrary to the views of many other bloggers, I do actually like this. Quite a lot! At £8 it's reasonably priced and as long as you're careful not to use too much you can really create a nice base with it. It's probably not one I'd really use for making my makeup last for longer but a definite recommendation for reducing the look of pores, without investing triple the price in the Benefit Porefessional.

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  1. I think I'll give this a go when my Benefit one runs out, I'm just so tempted aha! Great review! xx