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HD Brows Kit in Foxy - £17 
MUA Pro Eye Brow Kit - £3.50

Since picking up my Latest in Glamour beauty box, I haven't been able to leave the HD Brows kit (left in photo) alone. It's quite sad but it's just so much better than all of the other brow products which I've used, that I couldn't possibly use anything else. At £17 however I'm definitely on the reluctant side to repurchase this, it's £17! I could buy a whole new mac lipstick with that and still have £2 leftover. Beauty blogger problems, right?! 

That is until I came across the MUA Pro Brow Kit (right in photo), courtesy of a 'battle of the brow kits' post by Zoe, Costing only £3.50 and then a 10% student discount, I definitely thought that this was worth a shot. Considering that she gave the MUA kit a higher rating than the HD Brows, I did have high expectations but giiiiiiiiiiiirl, she was spot on! 

The MUA Kit comes with a mini pair of tweezers, a brush, 3 shadows and an eyebrow wax. I do prefer the brush in the HD Brows kit as it's more precise, but definitely still not worth the extra £14. The MUA Kit has tweezers and a wax which the HD Brows kit doesn't have, making it a lot more travel friendly. As you can see by the swatch above, the darkest brown which I use is almost identical in both of the kits - both of these are after only one swipe too! 

The MUA Brow kit comes in only one colour and so I'm assuming there is a shade for dark, medium and blonde brows. Already the problems of trying to pick the right shade for you are completely gone, and those with darker brows can use the lighter shades as a highlighter. The HD Brows kit sells itself as also being an eyeshadow palette which probably wouldn't work with the MUA kit, but in all honesty I have no intention of using any of my eyebrow palettes as eyeshadows - I have separate eyeshadow palettes with shimmery colours for that!

I feel like this post has been a splurge of comments about both of the products, and so for that I apologize, but the bottom line is that the HD Brows kit is amazing. The MUA Pro Brow kit is amazing too, very similar, costs around £14 less AND it has brow wax. What products do you use on your brows, if any? :D 

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  1. I love it when you discover dupes - since I've never tried a kit like these, i think I'll go with MUA before I know if it's something that will work for me :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I love my Anastasia brow pencil and its lasted me absolutely ages! I've tried powder brow products in the past but just haven't liked them as much


    1. Ooh! I'm the opposite haha, I much prefer powders! I haveh eard a lot about the Anastasia Brow Pencils though o:-) Xx

  3. I love my HD brow kit and like you got it in the Glamour latest in box. I would be very reluctant to repurchase it though so something like the MUA kit would be a great cheaper alternative!
    Megan x | <a href="http://meganroisinn.blogspot.co.uk'>MeganRoisinn</a>

    1. Glad it was helpful! I wish makeup didn't always have to be so expensive. It's always the good stuff! Xx

  4. Great post! I have the MUA brow kit and I love it - definitely one of the best value dupes around :)