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Bakerdays Personalised Letterbox Cake* - £14.99
With Easter just gone, what better way to detox from all of that chocolate with a nice slice of Madeira Cake. Baker Days are an online company which sell cakes that can be delivered straight to your door. Through your letterbox. Literally. The product arrives in discrete packaging, and the cake is wrapped in protected packaging and a metal tin (which my Mother insists on re-using, it's such a pretty tin!). 

On the Baker Days website there are plenty of designs to choose from, or alternatively you can choose your own design for a personalised cake. I decided I'd go all out and choose a personalised one (an 'almost' celebration for 1000 followers). The flavour I chose was a Madeira cake although there are a range to choose from such as Fruit Cake, and there are even Gluten Free and Dairy Free cakes available for those with more specific needs. 

The size which I was given typically serves four although I definitely think you could stretch it to 5/6 portions quite easily, as when eating the cake I found it quite filling. Alternatively there are larger sizes of cake to choose from for occasions where you know you're going to need a lot of servings. I'm thinking about buying these for my brother's birthday this year - at first they appear quite expensive but they're not actually that expensive when you compare them to some of the supermarket cakes available. 

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  1. This is the most amazing looking cake I've ever seen, I love that it comes in a tin!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn