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I've never even touched the samples in magazines. They've always been left in the magazine for years, until I get around to throwing away the whole magazine. Nevertheless I've discovered the power of them recently and now I feel like some sort of thrifty god. Finally! 

Product samples can be found literally anywhere. In magazines, websites/facebook pages, and even in stores (I have a naughty habit of picking them up whilst nobody is looking). It's a fantastic way of trying new products before you buy - I was convinced that I'd hate the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation but after using the sample, I really want to get a hold of the full size. An added bonus is that you can usually get 2/3 uses out of every sachet too - so that means a couple of days worth of makeup for free!

Another one of my favourite samples are fragrance; although don't get me wrong, I love every sample that there is I think haha! Some samples are bigger than others although with those small spray ones you can easily get a weeks worth of perfume from it. It's perfect for giving yourself a change from your usual scent without having to buy any full sized products, and also tricks all of your friends into thinking that you own big bottles of every perfume under the sun.
Then there's the product 'samples' that you'd only really want to use once anyway. Perfect example: Face Masks. I always like to change up my face masks so that my skin gets a greater benefit (and it's nice to try something new!) and so a one-use sachet is enough to keep me content.
Do you use sample sachets? What are your favourite finds? :D

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  1. nothing I love more than a free sample! they're great to test products you aren't sure about and the perfumes are always a life saver! lovely blog! :)


  2. Yeah can't beat a good sample! I think that's why beauty boxes are so tempting to me! Get to try lots of things :)


    1. Definitely! Although I do always think badly of beauty boxes when they're just full of samples. When you put it like that though - i love beauty boxes! Just wish they weren't so expensive for samples Xx

  3. I love samples (: I've been loving bb cream samples at the moment, I want to pick up everyone I see so it's nice to try them out before spending money (:

    Ash xx