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Save the Blow Dry Shower Cap* - £14.95
People who know me know that I have quite possibly the thickest hair going. Contrary to popular thoughts, it does not mean that my hair is always voluminous, it's not always sleek and to put it bluntly, it's a nightmare. Short hairstyles are near impossible to pull off (for me personally, anyway) yet long hair means that it is constantly pulled down because it's so heavy, which equals flat and boring. Not to mention the frizz which occurs if it doesn't get it's blowdry. 

That's where the Save the Blow Dry comes in. When I have a bath/shower without washing my hair I have to try and keep it out of the way, which can appear to be quite difficult when it keeps falling out of it's messy hair bobble and endless hair grips. Essentially a shower cap, the STBD covers all of your hair (and it actually covers it all - gone are the days of trying to fit a turbie towel around my head without having hair fall out)  so that you can easily have a bath/shower without it becoming frizzy or wet. It's quick, easy to use and I absolutely love the new Turquoise Retro Design which has been released. 

As silly as I sound, I feel like my lifestyle has been revolutionised. It usually takes me between 45 mins to an hour to blow dry and straighten my hair and so it's such a relief to be able to use this and get away with washing it less. There's also the really strong smell of plastic from the outer layer which I can't stop smelling - it can't just be me who adores the smell of plastic? 

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  1. They really are! Especially for people who have loads of hair. It's look is just a bonus! Xx

  2. Ah what a lovely shower cap! A million times nicer than the boring plastic ones around! x

  3. It's a cute shower cap, but I'm not sure it's worth the money as mine was £1.99 from Morrisons and also does the job!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. Yeah, to be honest the one bad thing would be the price! Xx

  4. This sounds lovely, I usualy buy things for the packaging as I am shallow and this looks cute xxx

  5. I actually need this in my life! Love a good old shower cap as I hate washing my long locks every day! Becki from www.lifelooksperfect.com xx