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I've seen and heard a lot about these face masks before and although there have been so many times I've been tempted to buy them, I've always left empty handed. That in mind, I decided that I would take the plunge when I noticed that they were being sold at 3 for £2 at Home Bargains. Their selection was limited - they only had these three masks, I'm not sure if they usually had more but it did make deciding which to buy a much easier process! I've noticed that shops such as ASDA have a much wider selection of masks and although £1 each there, they're still not breaking the bank for a treat. 

These have had so many rave reviews, and honestly I was not disappointed when I used them. I'm always thorough when I use them and make sure I cover my whole face (keeping away from the eyes/mouth), which there is plenty of product for. Even after applying a thick layer there was quite a lot left in the packet - I was tempted to keep it for another use but I thought that might have been quite unhygienic. Once applying this I left it on for 20 minutes (the packet says 15-20 mins) and then peeled away. A note to everyone - be careful not to get it on your eyebrows or else it will hurt when peeling it off! The product peeled away easily although it was quite painful when ripping it from my cheeks, which makes me wonder whether I have abnormally hairy cheeks or something, haha. That said it wasn't as bad as ripping off a plaster and I wouldn't stop using these just because of the slight discomfort. 

I'd definitely recommend washing your face with water after using one of these too - I never quite trust peel-off face masks 100% and often feel like there is a bit of residue left around the edges where it hasn't peeled off properly and so always try to make sure my skin is thoroughly clean. My skin looked soft and smooth afterwards, it was a lovely treat to use and I'm definitely really impressed. I'm not sure whether I will continue to buy these regularly at £1 a time, when I have a whole squeezy tube of peel-off face mask in my drawer. They are however ideal for a nice treat (they smell lovely, especially the Pomegranate & Passion Flower one) and would be perfect for buying for you and your friends for pamper nights/sleepovers. 

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  1. I used to use these all the time when I was younger but haven't used them in ages, think I should pick them up again!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  2. I love these face masks, my skin feels really refreshed :)

    Kate | Beautiboe

  3. I haven't used these before. I'll have to see if I can find them :) They sound pretty good.

    xo Ashley

  4. I see these so much in drugstores and they're so inexpensive! I used to buy a whole bunch for my mom when I was little as mini gifts :D haha - there are SO many kinds out there too, it's fun trying different ones!

    Cat // CACHOO JOO

    1. Ahh that's sweet haha! and definitely! I'm going to look in Primark or Boots next I think, they seem to have a wider collection! xx