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Hello, i'm Molly and I'm excited to be writing for you today about blushes, I love them and now that spring is coming I feel like it is more acceptable to break out those bright pinks, so here is a collection of my favourite blushes.

MAC Ladyblush: Probably one of my favourite blushes of all time, the creamiest and easiest to apply blush I have. I use this with my fingers usually but sometimes I will use my expert face brush as I have found it works wonders with my cream products. It's a beautiful pink colour that is a little darker than some of the others but after being built up it can make quite the statement.

Clarins Multi Blush, Raspberry: If you happen to follow my blog already you may know that I have been barking on about this blush in my last couple of posts and after rediscovering it a few weeks ago it has quickly become my favourite. I would go as far as saying this is the perfect bright pink, creamy and buildable - it's just perfect!

Dainty Doll, You are my Sunshine: Moving on to some powder picks, this is almost a rose gold kind of colour - a beautiful pink with gold shimmer in it. If you want a natural(ish) flushed cheek then this is the one for you. On my pale skin this look ah-mazing and goes on great with my real techniques blush brush.

Natural Collection Peach Melba: Who doesn't love a bargain? For the price of just under £2 you can pick up this pretty peachy pink colour in Boots. The packaging is a bit naff but the product inside is definitely worth it. I use a bit more of this than I do with other blushes but what can you expect from a cheap blush? Natural Collection's blushes are my favourite product from their range - if you haven't got one already you are missing out.

Thank you for reading this post! What are some of your favourite blushes?
Molly xx

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  1. What lovely natural shades, so pretty!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. I love these shades. My favourite blush at the moment is Milani Luminoso x


    1. Oh my, thats such a beautiful shade! Xx