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Hi everyone I am Lauren from makeupbylaurenmarie and today I am going to talk to you about skincare for people with acne and sensitive skin.

First up is makeup removing products. Removing makeup is such an important step in any routine but super important in acne prone skin. I like to start off with a micellar water and then use something a little extra to give my skin a good cleanse. For that I highly recommend Garnier Micellar water, this is the closest dupe I have found to the famous Biodemra. Its gentle, highly effective in makeup removal and is under £5. For that extra reassurance of makeup removal I recommend a cleansing oil. I love good old fashioned Coconut oil which can be bought in your local health store or amazon. This is really great at breaking down the makeup and because its made with all natural ingredients it wont irritate. Just make sure to 100% remove any oily residue as it can cause breakouts if misused.

Now if your skin is super sensitive, I cannot say enough about Ren Clearcalm Clarifying Clay Cleanser, in fact I find all Ren skincare prefect for problematic and sensitive skin. This cleanser however is so gentle and calming. I use it every morning and it doesn't leave me skin tight or red. Its prefect. Also from Ren I think the Clearcalm Clarity Restoring Mask is perfect for problematic skin that is just mis-behaving. One round of this mask and it will surly sort it out, again its soothing and calming and won't leave the skin tight. It is a little pricey but its totally worth it.

Now if you suffer with acne scarring or active breakouts that wont go away opt for something like La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus, this is a new version of the famous Effaclar duo that everyone and their mum raves about. I find if I have a huge spot, just popping this on overnight makes it dramatically reduce in size. Its a truly magic product. 

So there are my skincare staple for folks with sensitive and acne prone skin. If you have a fave product, comment below and share. Also if you want to read more head on over to my blog www.makeupbylaurenmarie.com

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  1. The Effaclar Duo is a must have for me! Lauren's done such a lovely post it's even helped me :) xx

  2. I hope it becomes available in the US soon - it's amazing! xx

  3. i just follow your blog<3