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La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Creme* - £14.52 (RRP. £22.00)
I have become a huge fan of the Chemist Direct website recently - I did a a blog post before on the Bare Minerals Starter Kit (for only £39!) and lone behold, I'm back with another review. I love that Chemist Direct sell such a diverse range of products - there's everything you can think of from Chanel to Rimmel, and a whole lot of it is a discounted prices too.

When I was offered the chance to try a product to review I decided that I'd go for the CC Creme - They have discounts on the whole La Roche Posay range and I've actually been debating buying this from Boots for a while, so I wondered whether it'd live up to expectations.

Before (Left) & After (Right) Jeez, I've never seen such a huge photo of my face before
This CC Cream is the first I've ever tried - I've put off buying them for a while because I do have a fair few spots and blemishes, especially because my exams have only just finished - exam stress, a poor diet (due to exams) and a negligent skincare routine (due to exams) never go well together I tell you!. That said, I have been actually quite impressed though. 

The CC Cream was totally what I expected when I put it on - it is quite a light base so it's ideal for Summer - it seems quite thick when you pump it out yet when you put it on the face, it feels like there's nothing there. There's SPF 30 too - I think all beauty bloggers applaud when they hear SPF in a foundation, and 30 is pretty high as it goes. I do think the SPF has made it quite scented - I can't quite put my finger on the scent itself but it's like a mix of SPF and aftershave. When putting the Cream on it is quite a prominent smell although it does fade when it's blended into the skin. 

Something I didn't actually realise until I got the product myself, there's a whole whopping 50ml of product! It really puts the base size of 30ml to shame and makes the £15 price tag seem a lot more reasonable. 

As for the product itself, there's only one shade available - on me it's ever so slightly dark - it's definitely wearable but it requires a bit of blending, and would probably look better with a bit of fake tan on. (The colour on me reminds me of Rimmel foundations in the shade Ivory, if that's any help to anybody). If you're really pale then it probably won't be the best foundation although it does appear to add warmth to the skin.
No matter how much I like it there's no hiding the fact that it doesn't cover all blemishes - have your concealer at hand for any major spots! I'm thinking about wearing this when I have slightly nicer skin too - it does blur the blemishes, they're a lot less prominent and less red but you can still see that they're there slightly. The purpose of the CC Creme is to reduce redness, and that I think it does, you can't slate a product for not doing something when it doesn't claim to do it. Overall, another successful product from La Roche Posay, sitting nicely alongside my well loved Effaclar Duo+ (review here).

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  1. I love la roche posay and I can see it has definitely warmed up your face. I like that it has high spf in it so is great for no make uo days. I'm weary of it being quite dark thought, so will have to see for myself! X


    1. I love the SPF! I'd definitely take this on holiday with me - and it's one of those products you only know by trying! It would be great if there were more shades. Xx

  2. oh this looks lovely! i haven't tried a CC cream yet

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  3. This sounds like a really fab product - I keep hearing great things about La Roche Posay - need to discover some of their products!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    1. I absolutely love La Roche Posay! I really want to try more of their products :) xx

  4. Lovely review hun, it looks like a great product!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xxx

  5. Looks great! And what lovely eyelashes you have :) x