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Technic Cheek Tint - £1.99 (bodycare) 
Benefit Bene-Tint - £24.50
I did a blog post a few months back on some dupes for the benefit bene-tint and high beam, and discussed my love for them both. The £1.99 highlight has become an everyday product in my makeup bag and the cheek tint has gone up a lot in my books too, especially since I managed to try out the Benefit bene-tint for myself. 

Scent wise they are both very similar - they have the same lovely rose scent which I could literally sniff all day. They do both look pretty much the same in the packet too - the Benefit product looks slightly more pigmented but I'm not sure whether that is because there's less of it to see through.

When I swatched the products was when I noticed that there is actually a slight colour difference - the Technic cheek tint is much more of a bright magenta pink (edging towards the Posie-tint kinda colour, but still not really Posie-tint), whereas Benefit's offering appears to be a lot more red and rosy. With both of the products you have to use your fingers or a brush to blend them in quickly, else they will probably stain, equalling very blobby blush. I do think that the Benefit product was slightly more pigmented, although I don't think it was better enough to justify the extra spend because the Technic blush was still pigmented enough to be visible, and may even be preferred by those who prefer a natural look. 

If I were to hide the packaging and have to choose out of the two, honestly, I think I would go for Benefit. But literally just because I prefer red and coral colours to the really bright pinks. There is a slight difference in the colour but really, if you like pink blush then I don't think there's a lot to lose. The pigment is almost the same, the packaging is pretty much identical, the method of application is the same and the price tag is a whole lot different. 

£25 vs £2? I'd rather spend £2 - Save!!
Technic left, Benefit Right

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  1. Love a good dupe! Thanks for sharing :) x

    El - http://elbellavita.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I have the high beam dupe but I've never came across this one before! Will definitely pick it up. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  3. When you see them on your face they look very similar but the benefit one looks slightly more natural :) x

    1. Definitely! I think I can tell because I know they're different, but my mum didn't know! xx

  4. Oooooh great dupe and for £2, I'd definitely pick up the cheaper one since it's not something I'd use everyday :) Great post x


    1. Same here! I do love the benefit one but I can't justify an extra £22 for it o:-) xx

  5. This is a great dupe, I have benetint but must admit I actually prefer the look and price of the Technic version x