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I've actually tried a spending ban myself before, and actually, I think they don't work in many cases. I have seen a few successful spending bans before (and jeez, well done!) but I think a lot of the time, it can make things worse. Up until a few days ago I had never been able to put a finger on why I found them to be so difficult, but then something in my head just clicked.

I shall explain...

The Role of Denial 
Wegner et al (1987): Participants were asked not to think about a white polar bear, but ring a bell if they did. The study found that those who were told not to think about the bear actually thought about it more than those who were told to think about it.

Okay, so the above is based on illustrating the failures of dieting and is a piece of research from A2 Psychology however I do think it illustrates my point - the more you try not to think about spending money, the easier it becomes to spend money. When you're on a spending ban you'll probably try to suppress all of those thoughts about shopping, leading you to think about shopping and products more - what you could buy with your money, how amazing and how life changing those products would be. This in turn leads you to spend. Spend, spend, spend.

I don't really think there's much point to this, actually, I'll probably still try spending bans in the future (haha). I do think it's food for thought though - why not try having a very strict budget and putting some money aside monthly, instead of trying to stop spending whatsoever? It'd probably make the whole saving money malarkey a whole lot easier in the long run and could stop all of the huge money spending binges which I seem to have after saving for a while. 

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  1. I'm doing one right now and have done very well actually! Stuck to my rules of only replacing products that have run out despite an ever growing wishlist. With the end approaching as well I'm really quite reluctant to go mad and buy lots too so personally I don't see anything wrong with them - just depends on your own levels of restraint.
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. I've never tried to do a spending ban for this very reason - it's just too hard to flat out stop spending. I also don't like how people go "now that my spending ban's over, here's the 534826 things I bought to celebrate!" or "Can't wait to buy X when my spending ban is over" - surely that defeats the object of saving all that money? :P That said, if you have the willpower and restraint, it can be good to prevent you buying things you don't really want that badly on a whim if you have a month or whatever to mull over a purchase...

  3. That's true! And definitely - that's what I try to do! Just put some aside and save it :) xx

  4. That's definitely the way to go I think! Putting money aside and spending less Xx

  5. I've tried a few spending bans in the past, but it's been more 'be careful with your spending' rather than not buy anything at all. However, I no longer do them as once they we're over the money I saved just got spent straight away, so now I just put money aside to save x


    1. That's what I do! It's so much easier :) xx