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My favourite part of my daily skincare routine is cleansing. The feeling of all of your makeup coming off at the end of the day and having a fresh face is absolutely delightful - much like taking your bra off (sorry, gents) at the end of the day. This Eucerin Cleanser is ideal for both oily skins and those which are prone to blemishes and acne prone skin. I wanted to give this a shot because my skin has turned into a real nightmare at the moment - I'm having breakouts like nobody's business and old blemishes seem to be making a real comeback. 

This cleanser comes out as a clear gel which turns into a subtle foam when massaged onto the face. Not enough foam to make a beard unfortunately but still enough to know that it's doing it's job. It feels very light on the skin which was a surprise - I'm used to using heavy duty cleansers so I was shocked to see that this does exactly the same job, but with a lot less stinging. I've started referring to this as my 'mattifying cleanser' - it sounds daft but it appears to take the extra shine from my face so that it all looks matte. As I have combination skin this is pretty good going as I often notice oil in stripes on my forehead (weird) - and this takes away the excess sebum without drying out the parts of my face which aren't as oily. My face was literally full of spots when I started using this however the blemishes and spots themselves are slowly disappearing. It's not a miracle worker - they don't magically vanish overnight but there have been visual improvements over the last couple of weeks and I do think it's partially down to this.

This cleanser isn't exactly costing pennies but it's not the highest of prices either - Escentual often have offers on so you can pick it up at a further reduced price. For those with combination or oily skin it's a definite recommendation from me if you think you'd benefit - although I do think there are plenty of alternatives available at a significantly lesser price.

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