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2 Piece Gold & Silver Arrow Ring Set* - £2.00  
Lizzie at Head Full of Flowers has recently set up a shop linked to her blog - how exciting! I think it's crazy the amount of opportunities you can get from blogging nowadays - I feel a little bit like a proud Mother haha, oh dear!!! 

At the moment the store is only small but the wonderful products available are at really small prices. I decided that I'd try the 2 piece arrow ring set as it was only £2, and you can never have enough rings! You'll have to excuse my hairy fingers and lack of nail varnish in the picture but the rings fit absolutely wonderfully. The gold ring appears to be a full ring and the silver is a lot more like a midi-ring. They are one size but I'm wondering whether you could close them slightly with a pair of pliers or something to make them slightly smaller if you needed to, as there is a slight gap between the two sides of the arrow. I actually really like the gap - I'm not really sure why but is it just me who loves those rings that only go half of the way around your finger? So cool!

There are also a range of other products available such as headbands, necklaces, bracelets etc. Admittedly - the selection of products isn't the biggest but I think for the price and also the fact that you're supporting another blogger - it's worth a look at least. Lizzie's store is available here - what do you think? 

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  1. They are SO gorgeous and cheap too xx

  2. I think the rings are beautiful! The gap makes the ring more interesting :)

  3. I love them! I can't stop wearing the midi ring :) xx