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I always end up spending lots of money in the Summer. Whether it be on clothes, outings, or whatever, I always end up spending money. This year I'm partially trying to take a different approach to save some of it, and I'm pretty sure that it's those little thing along the way that really make the difference. 

Buy What You Need
Saving money doesn't have to mean going on a complete spending ban. When I go shopping and buy things that I 'need' (tights, leggings, cleansers that sort of general thing) it makes me feel fulfilled - then I don't have the urge to go shopping for ages, because what I already own will tide me over for a few months. I don't know if that's just me... but hey ho. Obviously you'll still be wanting to buy things such as sun creams, so don't try to scrimp out by not buying them - your skin will thank you for it! 

If you're going shopping it helps to make a list beforehand too - for example when I went to Town the other day I went to Primark and picked myself up a pair of sandals for only £4. There was the whole of Primark waiting for me, yet I only spent £4 because I knew that Sandals were the only thing that I really needed at the time. It felt so satisfying leaving a shop only £4 lighter!

Limit Yourself 
Often when I go out for food I'll bring a budget with me - e.g. I'll take £20, but aim to spend only £10. I am much more of an eat to live person (rather than a 'live to eat' person) so as long as it's not disgusting, I'm fine eating pretty much anything. I pretty much always ask for tap water too - it makes me feel a lot less bloated than fizzy drinks so I actually manage to eat more of the meal I've paid for, and on the plus side, it's free! Dependant on whether you're allowed to take your own food on outings you're going to - try to. I always bring plenty of food and drink because often you'll find that food stalls are ridiculously overpriced. If you have a budget in mind, it becomes a lot easier to stick to it. 

Reuse Clothes
This can sometimes be a difficult one because fashion changes, and so does my size. However on the most part I try to reuse clothes that I've worn for the previous Summer or two. I know, I know - shorts are only £4 in Primark - but I paid £4 for a pair last year, so there's no point in buying any new ones! £4 saved is £4 saved at the end of the day - and I'm pretty sure that most people can do this with multiple items, so it's something to spend on something else (how about 4 MUA lipsticks?)

Drugstore Makeup 
In this case I'm walking straight past the likes of Revlon and L'Oreal and going straight to Natural Collection, Miss Sporty, MUA etc. The products aren't bad quality for the price and I've used some of them to death - recently I used up a whole Miss Sporty Concealer stick and also used up one of Natural Collection's pressed powders. I've been using them daily for months, and they're really not bad considering the amount paid for them. MUA are gems for their lipsticks and blushers too - at only £1 a pop you can experiment and try out new colours without breaking the bank.

What are your top tips for saving money in the Summer?

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  1. I definitely need to follow these tips, they're great! I recommend writing a list of things you need and sticking to the list x


  2. I'm a nightmare for saving - I went to town at the weekend to buy fake tan and ended up spending £40! So I'll definitely be trying some of your tips :)
    I love MUA too - I find their bronzer is a lot better than the likes of Bourjois!