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I have always been a very money conscious person and as a result, I find events such as prom very difficult. It's very easy to spend a tonne on a dress, hair, makeup etc - especially if you want to get them done by a professional on the day. I always see it as a bit of a waste because it gets worn for one day and then left. Three years later and I still haven't worn my prom dress again!

Aviva Dress is an online site which provides a range of prom dresses, wedding dresses & evening dresses at heavily discounted prices. I wish I had discovered this website earlier as when I had my prom I spent a whole tonne on my dress (I won't go into details) and by the time that prom had arrived, I didn't even like it that much.

Their long prom dresses are probably my favourite of the bunch - personally I've never been a fan of showing my legs and so they're a win-win situation for me. I absolutely love the look of Fishtail dresses at the moment and I think it's an absolute steal at less than £80. There are also short prom dresses available, I'd imagine these would be a lot easier to walk in, and probably easier to go to the toilet in too (Sorry, honesty is the best policy, right?!)

Aviva Dress also sells a range of bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses. It made me giggle a little actually because you always see on TV all of the people who spend tonnes on a wedding dress - yet on Aviva Dress they're mostly under £100. The selection is so large too, there's a dress for everybody and all sorts of styles available. It's definitely worth checking out if you're planning on getting married but wanted to do it on a budget - I always love saving money because if you manage to save in one area, you can afford to spend it in another.

There are also a range of evening dresses and formal dresses available for those who are looking for something a bit less 'out there'. With Christmas on it's way in a few months I definitely think it's worth starting to take a look now before it becomes a last-minute issue and before the prices in the high street inflate.

The thing which surprised me most about this website is that you're actually able to either choose a size or get it custom made for only an extra £10. When buying normal clothes having it custom made wouldn't really fuss me but I think with a prom dress it's important to have a correct fit as it's the highlight of your outfit, there's no real way to disguise it if it doesn't really fit. £10 isn't an extortionate price anyway - I know many people at my prom who brought their dresses in a pre-made size and then had to go and get it adjusted at a tailors of some sort, and I'm sure that would have cost them around the same price.

Prom is undoubtedly very expensive but I do still think that you can make it a lot easier if you spend your money wisely - What do you think of these dresses?

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  1. I love the fishtail look dress, i wish I had chosen that style for my prom they are just so pretty xxx