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Primark Exfoliating Gloves - £1 
Avon Planet Spa Body Brush 
The Body Shop Body Butter - £5

I've recently been really getting into fake tan and it's mostly a result of the Lauren's Way Solution 60 Spray. I'm naturally very pale so I love a good tan because I rarely change colour naturally - even after a week in Spain you could only tell that I had changed colour ever so slightly because I had forgotten to remove my bra straps one day and so had lines. Fake tan is the only way that I appear to change in colour, and who am I kidding, I bloomin' love it.

I always prep beforehand - I usually shave the day before or on the day, and also exfoliate. I prefer to use the Exfoliating Gloves than a scrub as it's a whole lot quicker and it can also be done on dry skin so it's less messy. I'll usually go over my thighs quickly with my body brush to help reduce cellulite and improve circulation. It's not a miracle worker I'll admit, but it's not like it's a product that I have to repurchase and as I own a body brush, it doesn't harm to do it.

The Lauren's Way Solution 60 is a spray - It's actually not messy on application but I like to make sure that I'm away from fabrics which can stain just in case. It's easy to apply and rubs into the skin quickly and evenly with the help of the mitt. I was a bit sceptical of the 'put your clothes back on in a minute' claim but I definitely agree with it now - it wasn't sticky in the slightest and almost as soon as it was on the skin it appeared to sink in and dry. I didn't keep a count of how long I left my clothes off for although I'm sure I am able to put them back on a lot sooner than I usually would with my previous tan of choice, St Moriz. When I applied this to my hands and feet I mixed it in with some body butter and it worked a treat, it's a lot more even and didn't collect around the knuckles (thanks to Hollie Wakeham for the tip!)

Another reason for liking this tan was the scent - I'm not usually fussed about the scent as I can deal with the 'fake tan smell' although to be greeted with a fruity scent instead is very nice. 

I left the product on overnight and then washed off the colour guide in the morning. With the colour guide on I felt very very dark - my Mum said I looked nice although I was a bit worried about how dark it would be once it had washed off. I was actually really pleased though - after my bath (shower recommended - but I don't have a shower!) the colour was nice and rich, golden and natural looking. I was pleased with how even the colour was too - no patches as of yet.  The tan is both Alcohol and Paraben free and whilst it is on the upper end of what I'd usually pay for a fake tan, it's something that I'd consider repurchasing for the ease of use and the fact that it was actually a pleasure to put on, rather than being a chore. It seems to last really well too - for about a week, and considering I bathe daily (and sometimes twice daily when it's really hot), that isn't bad going. 

In addition to this you can get 20% off any Lauren's Way products with the code 'LWBLOG66' at the checkout. 

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  1. I love laurens way, I use the wash off instant one and it's great need to try this next xxx