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Redken Iron Shape 11* - £11.99 for 150ml from Beauty Expert
I think I've commented on the thickness of my hair so many times on here that everybody gets it now - it's thick. I don't know why I always feel like I need to say it every time I mention hair, but there we go. I've struggled with it for years - it's long, frizzy and wavy and so straighteners are my best friend when I have a special occasion to attend. A blow dry beforehand is mandatory to make sure that my hair doesn't get even frizzier and doesn't return back to it's original shape in about five minutes. Because I always have to blow dry it I don't often straighten my hair - it's such a long process that it's not really worth it.

Using a heat spray is undoubtedly the most important thing when using any form of heat on your hair - I can proudly say that I've never straightened my hair without it. At the moment I've been using the Redken Iron Shape 11 and I absolutely love it. I really needed a switch up as the Lee Stafford hair protector spray wasn't really doing any benefit to my hair. It smells just like the hairdressers (I love that smell) and makes sure that my hair stays soft and conditioned after using my straighteners. It keeps my hair colour looking vibrant throughout the day too which is nice as I'm growing it out but I do find that my natural hair colour can sometimes look a bit dull. I sometimes use this before a blow dry too just to be on the safe side and it's a good product to use before hair curling.

I kind of wish it was a little more price-friendly than it is because it's quite expensive, especially if it's used daily. However I do think it's a good product and if it's within your budget for heat protection spray then it's ideal, definitely something which is worth checking out.

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  1. I love thick hair. You can do so much with it. And it looks lush when you curl it but great review luv


  2. This sounds like a great product - i'd love to try it out!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr