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Special Portable Makeup Brush Set* - $4.69 (£2.88)
The first time I went away this year I really realised how bulky makeup brushes were. I had brought a lovely makeup bag small enough for only essentials, that was, until I tried to put my makeup brushes in too. Even 'essential' brushes really add up when you're limited for space and so these brushes from the BornPrettyStore came around just in time. 

I took these away with me on my second trip away and I immediately noticed a difference - they fit in my makeup bag easily and for short journeys the set is sufficient to do your whole face. I applied my foundation with my fingers, the powder brush for powder and blush, then the angled brush for my brows. The other three brushes weren't really needed although they are ideal in case you do want to wear eyeshadow while you're away, for nights out and so on. I was also really happy to get a brow groomer brush - I feel like these are often missed out in makeup brush kits although it really neatens up my makeup, even when I'm not on holiday.

For the price of these I don't really think you can go far wrong, they remain soft after being washed and I didn't notice any of the bristles come out in the process either. An added bonus is that you can get an extra 10% off the price with the code 'THEH10' at the checkout too.

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  1. This brushes look so cute. I would also have to buy brushes for travel :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know when you do so that I can follow you back :)


  2. Aw those brushes are really sweet!
    Lovely post hun :)
    Zoe xx