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It sort of dawned on me while I was doing my A Level exams that I'm not a stationery collector in the slightest. Making my colourful revision notes was a nightmare as I'd been using the same felt tips for years and I only had a couple of colours which hadn't run out, and you could kind of tell that everything was just on it's way out. 

I promised myself that I would try to refresh my stationery for when I started University, and so I did. I brought two tabbed notebooks from Poundland so that I could keep all of my lecture notes organised. I didn't want to be too excessive and buy a folder for every topic although I do have two ring binders from last year that I can use if needed. While I was there I also picked up an academic diary - it's really pretty for £1 although I don't think it will get a lot of use since I was given a Personal Planner* to try (I currently have a giveaway on to win one, if you're interested click here!). The personal planner is much better quality although the Poundland one is still decent for the price, so it's definitely something which you should weigh up. 

I stocked up on Bic pens - 8 for £1 at Poundland. Bic is a great quality and seem to last for quite a while so I thought these were too good to miss. I also found some felt tip pens from ASDA for £1, I'm not sure of the quality at the moment although these will be ideal for revision notes. I can finally use whatever colour I want!!

My 'pencil case' is actually a makeup bag and was a free gift from Avon, although the size makes it practical for pens and pencils. Things inside such as highlighters, memory stick and my calculator were already floating around my bedroom so I thought that I would reuse those rather than purchasing new ones.

What are your back to school/college/uni essentials?

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  1. Oh I love me a bit of stationery! Went to IKEA a few days ago and they had a little affordable AND adorable stationery corner as well. Heaven!


  2. the clear pencil case is so cute! x


  3. I love your picks poundland are definitely my go to place for stationary 100 percent! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  4. It may sounds so geeky, but I miss studying. Especially because I can't buy any of the cute stationary because I won't use it! weep weep xx