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Avon Nail Experts Revitacool Base Coat
Avon Colour Trend Gold Glitter Top Coat

I don't paint my nails as often as I'd like to, but I do love a neat, clean looking finish when I do. I'm not usually a fussy person but if my nail varnish looks too smudged or messy then I will take it off and do it again, no hesitation. It can get rather frustrating when you've finally got them right and then they smudge when you wash your hands. 

I usually use the Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel before I change my nails in any way - I have very dry hands naturally and so I often get cracked skin around them. This is an absolute godsend for helping to moisturise them, especially after removing nail varnish, 

When I paint my nails I like to do it really thoroughly - I started off with the Avon Revitacool Base Coat to make sure the varnish doesn't stain my nails. I really like wearing the Nailtiques Nail Lacquer - it is a lovely classic red colour and it goes with the majority of my wardrobe and monochrome colours very nicely. I don't think you can beat red, it's sophisticated yet simple to pull off for every skin tone. I added the Avon Colour Trend Gold Glitter Top Coat to my accent nail also for something a little bit different. 

The ORLY Glosser High Shine Top Coat (well, that's a mouthful!) is seriously easy to apply. It has a rubbery lid so that it's easy to get a comfortable grip and the lid doesn't slip out of your hands. That said, with a top coat I don't think applying it neatly matters as much - it's clear anyway so you can't really see any smudges or mishaps in comparison to an opaque colour. I feel like it can do no wrong, it helps my nail varnish to last for a lot longer and gives it a much more professional finish. It can sometimes take quite a while to properly dry as I like to add quite a thick layer of this and so I always make sure to apply some of the AVON Nail Quick Dry Spray afterwards to stop it from going tacky.

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  1. That looks very chic with the sparkly accent nail!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Lovely shade of red! Very Christmassy! x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

  3. oooh so pretty and absolutely love the accent nail xxx