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I'm all for a good pamper although it sometimes feels like it's easy to spend a fortune. Even doing it at home you can spend a lot on candles, bath bombs and other products if you aren't careful. Here are my tips and suggestions for doing things on a budget.

Have a nice bath!
Simple as - when I've had a stressful day there's nothing nicer than getting into the bath and relaxing. If I feel like pushing the boat out I'll use a Lush Bath Bomb or Bubble Bar (the advantage to the bigger ones is that you can break them and use them about 4 times) although I do like to buy Radox if I want to be really scrimpy. The great thing about radox is it only costs £1 for a bottle from Savers/Home Bargains/Poundland and they last for ages. Make sure you smell them before you buy to check that you like the scent - there were a lot of Radox scents that I didn't like although the Moisture Soak is by far my favourite. Candles are another option and there are a load available for a small price tag at shops such as Primark & Savers, although I usually pass on candles personally - I don't trust myself with a naked flame!

Get into your favourite pyjamas.
This one is more winter applicable - there's nothing like getting out of the bath and into some fresh, warm pyjamas. I leave mine on the radiator while I'm in the bath for extra effect and feel instantly cosy once I've got them on. It's always tempting to buy new pyjamas although you really don't need to buy new ones - just wash a pair of pjs that you already own and re-use those!

Pamper yourself. 
Paint your nails, get a face mask on, whatever you'd like. Exfoliating and moisturising my body is something that I like to do because I never have the time (in other words, I'm too lazy). I haven't brought nail varnish in years although I do always find that whenever I have a good scout through my collection I find a colour which I had totally forgotten about. Shop your stash!

Read a Magazine
Since I've started becoming more money-wise I've completely stopped paying for my magazines. I didn't realise that there were so many freebies to be taken advantage of - Boots and Superdrug both offer free magazines (although I think you need an Advantage Card to get one from Boots). I often see people in my city centre giving away Stylist magazine for free too, so if anybody tries to shove one of those in your face, take it! Pixiwoo run a free digital magazine named 'Two' which can be downloaded onto an iPad/iPhone. 
With Christmas on it's way, there are also plenty of gift catalogues about to read through. I always love looking through these as it gets me excited for Christmas, and it also gives me the opportunity to plan what I would like to buy from the half price sale.

Entertain Yourself
Strictly speaking, you don't have to do anything for this one. I find tidying my bedroom to be quite theraputic (tidy room = tidy mind) and so often I'll give some of my bedroom a bit of a clear out or tidy up. There's always something interesting to watch on TV nowadays too - whether it be Netflix, 4od, iPlayer, or live TV itself. Do whatever pleases you and whatever makes you happy, just for one evening!

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  1. What a great post! I could really do with a pamper evening, they are always the best nights :D I really need to head over to Lush and pick up some of their new Christmas goodies!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. PERFECT I haven't had a night like this in so long. I basically just wish I had a bath as I would be buying so much Lush stuff and Radox like crazy xxx


  3. This is my Sunday. Love love love doing it! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  4. I love this post. It surprising how I've never really given myself time to have a pamper evening/day. I love how you've made it so affordable too! x