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Jumper - New Look
Leggings - Primark 

Last weekend was an absolute great one for me. I hadn't been shopping for ages and so it was lovely to spend some time in the City Centre shopping for my brother's birthday with my Mom. Of course, I popped into the usual shops too (Primark, New Look, Urban Outfitters etc) and came out with a few bits, I may do a haul post soon if anybody is interested!

This outfit is my typical winter outfit really, a long jumper, leggings and a pair of boots. It's so much more comfortable than wearing jeans and I find that leggings don't lose their shape as quickly (and they're cheaper!). My jumper was a sale bargain from New Look - it's the perfect fit, it's warm and it cost only £6! It's quite plain although I feel like the zip detailing on the sides is enough to not need jewellery.
I've noticed recently that my shoulders begin to ache quite quickly when I take my usual bag out with me so I've reverted to using a smaller clutch bag. Obviously I can't fit a lot in here although it's enough to store my phone and money, and the size is ideal for keeping everything close and not losing anything. For day trips out where I need to bring more practical things like a drink and umbrella I won't use this, although I think in the City Centre I can get hold of most things like drinks quite easily should I need them.  

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  1. Perfect, I absolutely love wearing leggings too especially in Winter! Cute grey marled ones are spot on xxx


    1. I didn't even think of grey ones - would make such a difference to wearing black! Xx

  2. I love leggings too, so much more comfortable! <3 xx