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It's not very often I say this but recently I've managed to find myself a new hobby - reading. It was always something which I had 'never had the time' to do although once I had found the time, I absolutely loved it. Reading fiction is a great opportunity to get away from the real world, it relieves stress and anxiety for a while and allows you to endure new adventures without even leaving your home.

In terms of buying books on a budget, there are plenty of opportunities. I buy quite a few from Amazon, as well as looking at The Works '3 for £5 offer' every now and then. ASDA sell 2 for £7 on some chart paperbacks - which is a bargain if there are two books you want, considering that the majority are new. Of course, there are charity shops too - I find that many of the books there tend to be aimed at a different audience to me although it's definitely something worth having a quick browse at least. I feel happy reading and it's even more motivating to continue when I hear about research that shows that intelligence increases with reading. I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but it feels good knowing that I'm doing something other than playing computer games (for once!). Oh, and if free reading is more your thing - there's plenty of fan fiction on Wattpad. Guilty as charged.

If I finish this post off with just one recommendation, it would be: Read a book! No surprise there, but it's a relief to get away for technology on the evenings and it even helps me to switch off and sleep.

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  1. I love reading as well, but I don't do it as much as I would like to. I'm always in the middle of reading though, it just takes me a long time to finish because I often feel too tired in the evening and then it's just easier to sit with my laptop.

    At the moment I'm reading Step Back In Time by Ali McNamara :)


  2. I used to read so much, need to get back into it! X


  3. i love that jenny colgan book - its such a cute read :)

    Rachel | Beauty & The Bird

  4. I liked your post! I have noticed this recently as well- I wonder why is reading a book more relaxing than being on the internet?:)


    1. Thankyou! I always wonder that too - maybe it's somthingtodo do with looking at the screen? Xx