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I didn't realise that it would be such a long time until I actually started University - I assumed I'd be starting in September when most of the schools went back although my lectures didn't actually start until this month. Needless to say, I think I had over-prepared slightly but as I'm living at home and commuting, I wanted to make sure that I had everything I could possibly need.

  • Notepad & Pens (I did a stationery haul here, if you're interested in seeing more) 
  • Spare change in case a zombie apocalypse happens or I lose my bus pass
  • Student Card
  • Purse (with not a lot of money and lots of loyalty cards) 
  • Tissues, Mirror, Lipbalm, Perfume 
  • Book to read on the bus. The journey is only around 15 minutes although you never know - he might take the long route and rush hour is a chore. 
  • Phone and Earphones
  • Food. Always need food. I'll take a drink of water with me too although I forgot to include this in the photo. :( 

What do you take with you when you go to University - have I missed anything?!

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  1. My uni bag looks a lot heavier and very very messy! x


  2. Love the mini Haribo! My uni bag used to always be full of makeup, my iPad, purse and Oyster card!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  3. I read Boys Don't Cry not that long ago! I thought it was such a good book, especially as it is from the man's point of view. I actually have a book review scheduled for next Friday on it :)

    - Taisie ♥ | Life by Taisie

  4. Ah, I wish my uni bag was like this! I'm back on campus so I have no way of reading a book on the way in. That was 100% my favourite thing that kept me sane at uni last year. Now I don't have time to read at all. I seriously need a bigger bag. I have to have my lab coat, four notebooks, lunch and more in a leather satchel or tote bag. It doesn't quite work.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  5. Those nutri grain bars are s life savers, I always take one to work for when I'm peckish xx
    Love Victoriajanex

  6. Ooo I want to read Boys Don't Cry, it's on list at the moment of future reads :) I always seem to have food in my bag too, you never know when you might end up stranded and need a quick snack.

    glamglitzgloss.blogspot,com xx