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I spent a lot of time thinking I had blemish prone skin. Fast forward a few years and I've only just realised. My skin isn't blemish prone.

Obviously this won't be the case for everybody, I am literally just talking from my personal experience, but my skin was very spotty and blemished. I spent a long time piling on the spot removal products and really, they didn't help. Although looking back, it was mostly the result of my diet. This year I started eating healthier in an attempt to lose weight gradually, and lone behold my face gradually produced less and less spots too. By about June time I had a face that I was actually pretty proud of - until exams started and the binge eating restarted. Obviously diet isn't the only thing that influences spots and I do occasionally get a few hormonal spots etc, but it really came as a shock to me how much my skin had improved as a result of such small changes.

This brings me on to my next point - spot removal/blemish removal products. Do they really work? I know for one that I have never noticed a real difference after using them. Granted, some of them do help to bring spots to the surface although I've never experienced the 'gone within four hours' claim that some of them have. If I'm being honest, I think prevention is key. A healthy diet, exercise and care for your skins other needs (e.g if your skin is dehydrated, re-hydrate it!) will go a long way in improving your skin in the long run.

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  1. Since reducing and nearly cutting out dairy completely in my diet, my skin has been soooo much better. xx

    1. I have never tried cutting out dairy (almost spelt that like diary at first..) - I will try reducing it! x

  2. I totally agree wit this, it's stress and food that causes a lot of outbreaks and I don't help myself, I do love freederm though it works overnight for me xxx


  3. I'm glad you agree - I think it's better to just leave them be than to dry them out, looks awful under foundation! x