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Patisserie, Creme Cup, Chatterbox, Pink Nouveau, Vegas Volt, Russian Red
My collection of a mac lipsticks is only small in comparison to many, but for me it's pretty much perfect. There are still more shades that I'm wanting to add, although I always aim to buy a range of different shades so that I have something for every occasion. With Mac Lipsticks now costing £15.50 I find it difficult to justify full price and so I tend to buy them as a treat when there are offers on - national lipstick day is a lot more important than it sounds, I promise!

Patisserie - Lustre Finish
Patisserie has been so loved by many bloggers that there was no way I could go on without giving this a try. It appears quite nude in the swatches although on the lips it's a lovely 'your lips but better' colour - a wonderful nude for wearing where you don't want anything too much. With it being a lustre finish I find the lasting power quite poor - most of the time when I get into University it's pretty much on it's way out already, although with it being so neutral it never looks too bad - just like you haven't put anything on.

Creme Cup - Cremesheen Finish
Creme Cup was the other nude shade which everybody talks about. It's very light pink but sheer at the same time and is on the edge of the 'wearable' scale for me. As I have naturally very pigmented lips I can find that this washes me out slightly if I'm not careful, so I tend to go for more rosy nude shades although this still looks lovely paired with a smoky eye.

Chatterbox - Amplified Creme Finish
This lipstick will always have a place in my heart - it was my first ever mac lipstick, and to this day I know that I made a good decision. It's a rosy pink colour and whilst it isn't 'nude' as such it's medium tones means that it doesn't stand out too much at all and is incredibly easy to wear. I'd imagine this suiting everybody, and it's by far my favourite when I look at the arm swatches.

Pink Nouveau - Satin Finish
Pink Nouveau was a shade I couldn't imagine myself suiting at all, although I do actually really like it. It's quite blue toned and has a 'barbie pink' feel to it, although I own no other lipsticks like it and I feel nothing but glam when I wear it. I won't go into this shade in too much depth as I've done a blog post previously here.

Vegas Volt - Amplified Creme Finish
I've had Vegas Volt in my collection for quite a while, although I haven't gotten as much use out of it as I'd have liked. I brought it with the Summer in mind although come then I had other orange/coral shades which seemed to get more wear. That said, it's a lovely pigmented orange shade which does look wonderful on absolutely everybody.

Russian Red - Matte Finish
Russian Red was my National Lipstick Day purchase - I knew it had to be in my collection for a long time, and so I took it as an opportunity to purchase it. Russian Red is a classic red matte shade, which looks wonderful with pretty much every outfit. With it being a matte finish it lasts for absolutely ages too, which is one of the things which I look for most in brighter shades - it lasts for the majority of the day and the maintenance is pretty easy.

L-R: Patisserie, Creme Cup, Chatterbox, Pink Nouveau, Vegas Volt, Russian Red

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  1. Gorgeous colours! I have Creme Cup and Chatterbox and they are two of my most used lipsticks xx

  2. Patisserie is gorgeous! I only have two MAC lipsticks haha, going to get a nude one on pay day though :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. All these colors look so pretty to me!


  4. Chatterbox looks lovely!! I think that might be my MAC lipstick! x


  5. Vegas volt and russian red have to be my favourites, but then I like a nice deep lip ;) Thanks for sharing they're gorgeous xx


    1. I love russian red - vegas volt I find slightly more difficult to wear in winter! No problem! :) xx

  6. ohhh im so jealous of your collection. These shades are so perfect, i just want them all! x


  7. I love chatterbox it's one of my faves!
    Glossy Boutique