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Whilst I have been updating my blog with new posts, I feel like I've been a little bit absent recently. With being ill and starting university, blogging did take a little bit of a back seat although now things are settling down I really want to give blogging a full go again. 

To start things off I have a new blog design from Gatto Web - I'm not sure whether it was obvious although since starting my blog I have never purchased a layout, I mostly just stuck with the blogger default template and edited individual things to make it look a little more presentable. Needless to say I could not be happier with my new layout - it has totally ignited the love that I once had for blogging and it has given me the fresh start which I really needed. I really owe a huge thanks to Cat for my new layout, especially since I felt so useless when trying to explain exactly what I wanted! (Does anybody else find it really difficult?!). 

Since I started blogging I have been trying to upload new posts three times every week although I think for now I will be reducing it to two - I would like to put more effort into my posts individually rather than having to try and produce three quickly to schedule throughout the week. At the end of the day, blogging is supposed to be a hobby - it's most definitely not my job! I wish it was, though.

I also wanted to put a personal thank you to Jade in this post. Waiting to start University this year felt absolutely awful as it was my first time really having to settle in somewhere new in 7 years. I was honestly riddled with nerves although talking about it occasionally was such a huge weight lifted from my shoulders - so thank you Jade! I also owe a massive thank you to Alex for her wonderful guest post that was uploaded during my first couple of weeks (you can read it here) - how gorgeous is she?! Both Jade and Alex write wonderful blogs, Jade writes skinsweet and Alex writes Alexandra Elizabeth, I would 1000% recommend them both!

Reading back on this post, it has pretty much turned into some sort of speech as if I had won an award. I haven't though - I shall stop now, promise! 

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  1. love the layout, very minimalistic but cute ! XOXO!

  2. Your layout looks great. Hope you're enjoying uni. It's definitely a bit overwhelming at first and I was so nervous but it definitely ended up being the best thing I've ever done.

    Lisa xo | otweek.blogspot.co.uk