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 Since I brought my iPhone, my iPad has become hugely neglected - the poor thing. Recently I've been digging it out again, and whilst I have mostly been playing games, I'm in love with it all over again. I decided that I'd do a quick 'What's on my iPad' post, although, like I say. It's mostly games. Be warned!

Most of the apps on the first page don't get a lot of use, if I'm honest. All of my iPhone messages automatically come through to my iPad too which is a bit confusing although it's handy to be able to reply to messages when I'm not at my phone. The YouTube app sits on the front page too as it's pretty much a necessity for me, it's the easiest way for me to watch videos and the app is very easy to navigate.

I keep Gmail in the downbar along with Safari, Music (never used) and Videos (never used). I use Gmail and Safari a lot to keep up with blogging, to check my emails and reply to them. It's handy to have them both in a place where they are all available all of the time.


The twitter app is the only social networking website that I really use on my iPad, as I socialise mostly on my phone. The twitter app is most useful for when I participate in the #bblogger chats, as it's the only platform which can really keep up with the messages without freezing. I also use the Blogger and Bloglovin apps a lot - Blogger for writing and Bloglovin' for reading. I don't know what I'd do without the bloglovin app, although I do wish they would make it easier to comment on posts.
Mindjolt should really be in the games category (naughty) although I do really love playing Crazy Cabbie. It's addictive!

I don't use iPlayer or 4od a lot anymore but it's ideal for when you want to catch up on TV - I am starting to prefer 4od as I can watch series of programmes without having to wait for them to be aired on TV, Soundcloud is the only app I have found which still plays music while minimised, and also means that I no longer have to waste my storage space with iTunes music.

('Tips' and 'Dropbox' don't really get much use, they're just sort of there!)

my-ipad-mini-games games-on-my-ipad free-ipad-games

I saved the best till last. Games! I don't really have other uses for my iPad at the moment as I can do most things on my phone although I much prefer playing games on iPad. All of the games which I have downloaded have been free, my favourites at the moment are Habbo (I played this for days on end when I was younger, it's sort of reminiscent!), Sonic Dash and Diner Dash. I'd also recommend the Jigsaw Box app - it's a completely free alternative to buying jigsaws, and you can't lose the pieces either!

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  1. wow you have a lot of games!! haha I need to get some as I always find myself bored when I'm in the tube! x


  2. I read a lot of things on my iPad, and do lots of shopping too! I use Flipboard, ShopStyle, Style.com and Pocket to catch up on everything I love. The ASOS and Amazon apps are evil too!
    charliedistracted.com / Bloglovin

    1. I didn't even think about shopping apps - that could be dangerous! Xx

  3. I'm trying not to let on to my grandad or else he'll buy one for the jigsaw app alone! Ooh I haven't tried plants vs zombies - my brother loves that game so I'll give it a try! X