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With Christmas in mind, I was kindly sent some products from w7 to review. I was really excited to try them with hope of finding a hidden gem - I am already familiar with w7 as their products are so affordable, although I've never actually picked up anything to try from them before. 

W7 Nail Polish in 'Gold Dazzle'*
This polish is a typical gold glitter top coat, to be blunt - It's nothing extraordinary although it does do the job well if you are on the hunt for a glitter top coat, and it's very affordable at that. It can be applied as lightly or as heavily as you like to create the desired effect and I love wearing this sort of shade with a dark plum colour varnish for a really festive look. The glitter particles are very small which makes it easy to wear and it doesn't appear to chip easily on the nails. It actually appears to dry pretty quickly too, which is nice as I'm awful for smudging nail varnish. 

W7 Shimmer Lips in 'Pearl Shimmer'*
The W7 Shimmer Lips is a lip product which, well, adds shimmer to the lips. This is definitely one that I'd wear on the evening rather than in the day, although I'd definitely recommend wearing a lipstick underneath. Whilst it does create shimmer, it can make my lips look white if it is applied too heavily (which was quite a shock when I looked in the mirror - I expected it to be transparent!). Wearing a lipstick underneath will make the bullet on this quite messy although that's nothing that a makeup wipe won't clean up, and I definitely think it's the best way to wear this. I don't really see myself getting too much use out of this as I'm much more of a matte girl, although it doesn't cost a lot and can turn pretty much any lipstick into a shimmery shade.    

W7 Toasted Eyeshadow Palette*
The Toasted Eyeshadow Palette is my favourite of the bunch (I've been saving the best until last!). The palette is in simple packaging, not the most appealing I must admit but it's easy to see the colours through the packaging and it fits easily inside my makeup bag without taking up excess space. All of the colours are shimmery, and can easily create day looks or night looks. I tend to use this in the day and use just the three shades on the left, although the purple-y colour on the right could easily be used to add more warmth for an evening look. It's perfect for Christmas parties, or even just general wear. The pigment is just nice too, it's not too much or too little but it does last on the lids well when I use a cream eyeshadow underneath (which I have to do with just about any eyeshadow, so I don't think that this reflects badly on the product). 

If I had to choose one product to recommend it would probably be the eyeshadow palette - closely followed by the glitter nail varnish. As far as I'm aware W7 can be brought from Next, Savers and Fragrance Direct - they're definitely more difficult to get hold of than a typical drugstore brand although I still think there are some bargains to be had if you can get hold of them!

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  1. That eye shadow palette and nail varnish looks really pretty! I've never check out their stuff before but I may now need to go and have a look! Great post :) x


  2. I haven't actually heard of this brand but they sound like something definitely worth a peek. Great post xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  3. Love the nail varnish shade! I love W7 glitter polishes, they are amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥