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I find glitter nail varnishes to be quite a touchy topic - the majority of the ones which I've tried are nice, although they all seem to be pretty much the same once they're on the nail. That is where these come in. INM is a brand which I've never tried before and so I didn't really know what to expect, although for a festive manicure, these are spot on. 

When these first arrived I found that the glitter had settled to the bottom, which presumably is why they have stickers on the lids saying to 'shake it up'. When it says shake, it means shake. A lot of shaking. I'm not too sure why this is, it could be because the glitter is so small, perhaps. The polishes are definitely holographic - it's a nightmare to pick up on camera although when the light shines on them they look lovely. I'm not exactly sure why although I feel like the silver top coat works a lot better than the gold - it may just be because I tend to wear light base colours although the silver appears to show a lot more than the gold. Because of this I'd probably reach for the silver more than the gold although it's all to taste - the gold still makes a lovely subtle top coat. 

The general finish of these is so much nicer than a typical glitter nail varnish. It's smooth, pleasant to wear and sets nails perfectly. As much as it's a pain to remove, it's worth it for how festive it makes my nails look with such little effort.

These polishes are available to buy from www.jica.com - Have you tried any nail varnishes from INM? Which are your favourites? 

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  1. These sound lovely, I know what you mean when most glitters look the same! I don't really wear glitter enough to warrant spending a tenner though!

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